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GES Organogram/Organizational Structure From Headquarters to District

Organizational Structure Of The Ghana Education Service

This article is to provide organizational structure in Ghana Education Service, to serve as a guide for teachers who may attend interview.

The Education Service has Headquarters in Accra, Regional and District Directorate.

Regional offices in the the 10 traditional regional capitals and district offices in all the districts in the country.

Organizational Structure at Headquarters

The head of Ghana Education Service is Director-General, there two deputies under the Director General.

Deputy Director-General in charge of Quality and Access and Deputy Director-General in charge of management services.

Deputy Director-General has the following divisions under him.

Special Education Division

Secondary Education Division

Technical/Vocational Education Division

Basic Education Division

Inspectorate Division Teacher Education

Divisions under Deputy Director-General in charge of management services

Supply Logistics

Human Resources Management

Administration and Finance

Ghana Education Service Council, Internal Audit also coordinate with the Director General.

The Organizational Structure at the District level

The district Director is the head of district Directorate and assisted by four deputies.

Establishment of the district Directorate

Teaching 38

Non Teaching 23

Total 61

Organizational structure at the Regional Education Directorate

The regional director is the head of the regional Directorate.

The establishment of regional Directorate

Teaching 31

Non Teaching 23

Total 64


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