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How to Apply For BECE & WASSCE Remarking; Remarking Process Explained

Candidates and other stakeholders of WAEC administered examinations can call for or apply for the remarking of their scripts.

The call for remarking is made by candidates who feel dissatisfied with the result released.

If a candidate has reason to believe the results should have been better than what has been released for him or her, remarking request can be made to WAEC. Candidates need to be very sure of themselves before opting for the remarking since they will have to pay for each course or subject to be remarked.

Currently, 2021 BECE candidates whose results have been released as of 28th February 2022 are ranting on social media and calling on WAEC to remark their scripts.

Some candidates are strangely insinuating that their scripts were not even marked and that a remarking of the script is needed to vindicate them.

The fact is that WAEC has well laid down procedures to be followed by candidates who are dissatisfied with their own performance and want to Cross check the marking and marks awarded.

Requests for re-marking of any WAEC administered exam must be made within two months (60 days) after the release of the results of the examination.

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For BECE 2021 results released on February 2022, students who want their scripts remarked must apply for the remarking before 30th April 2022.

How to apply for BECE/WASSCE remarking after writing a West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam.

What dissatisfied students seeking remarking can do?

A candidate who is not satisfied with his/her BECE, WASSCE, and other WAEC Examination results can appeal to the Council for re-marking.

“This can be done by the candidate him/herself if he/she writes any of the private candidates’ examinations or by the candidate’s school if he/she sits the examination as a school candidate.”

Usually, the candidate or his/her school will be required to provide evidence for the need for the re-marking.

The candidate must also pay the requisite fee before the exercise is carried out.

Requests for re-marking must be made within two months (60 days) of the release of the results of the examination.

After the remarking, WEAC will update the student with the outcome.

WAEC as an institution does not pass any candidate nor fail any.

The candidates pass or fail on their own based on the answers they provide for each question attempted.

The Council only certifies the candidates’ performance accordingly.

The purpose of examinations is to grade candidates according to their performance in it. Those who pass are graded as such and so also are those who fail.

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Here is the process to follow to get your BECE result remarked

1. School Candidates interested in Exam Script Remarking are to lodge their complaints at their various school heads where they sat for the exam while Private Candidates are to lodge complaints to the nearest WAEC Offices in the city the exam was conducted.

2. A non-refundable fee of 146.33 Ghanaian Cedi [Reviewed Periodically] is to be deposited (paid) before complaints are lodged to the WAEC Office for School Candidates while for Private Candidates same deposit will be made before complaints are expected.

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