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How to Calculate B.E.C.E. Aggregate Score

How to calculate the 2021 BECE Aggregate Score is one of the questions candidates continue to leave on our social media pages. To help answer the question, we have written this extensive article to provide more information to our cherished readers.

In calculating the BECE Aggregate Score obtained by a student, one needs to know that the courses or subjects are divided into core and others (Elective courses).

The grades obtained by a student in the core subjects will all be included in calculating the final aggregate obtained by a student.

The core subjects are: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social Studies while elective subjects are the other subjects [Basic Design and Technology, Ghanaian Language, ICT, French, and Religious and Moral Education]

Now to calculate the aggregate, add the grades you obtained from the core subjects.

For instance, a student named Samuel Kuma score the following in the 2021 BECE core subjects.

English Language – 2

Mathematics -3

Integrated Science – 2

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Social Studies – 4

The total grade from ONLY the core subjects is = 2+3+2+4 = [11]

The next thing to do to calculate the 2021 BECE Aggregate Score is to pick the best scores from the remaining elective courses.

Now our student obtained the following grades.

Basic Design and Technology – 2

Ghanaian Language – 1

ICT – 2

French – 2

Religious and Moral Education – 3

From this, the two best results are 1+2 = [3]

Now Sammy’s final BECE 2021 aggregate from the calculations is [11] + [3] = Aggregate 14

How does the BECE grade affect the school choice you are placed in?

The better your BECE grade, the greater your chances of getting placed into your school of choice.


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