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How to Wrap Engagement Items in Ghana

Step By Step Guide To Wrapping Engagement Items In Ghana.

In Ghana, the engagement ceremony is a significant tradition. This post provides a step-by-step guide on how to wrap engagement items in Ghana with cultural significance and elegance. Discover the art of wrapping, traditional practices, and essential tips to make your engagement ceremony truly special.

In Ghana, the engagement ceremony is a cherished tradition that marks the formal agreement between two families to unite in marriage. During this auspicious event, the presentation of engagement items holds deep cultural significance. Wrapping these items with care and elegance adds an extra touch of respect and appreciation. In this post, we will guide you through the art of wrapping engagement items in Ghana, exploring traditional practices and providing essential tips to make your engagement ceremony memorable and culturally enriched.

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How to Wrap Engagement Items in Ghana

  • Gather the Engagement Items: Before wrapping, gather all the engagement items required for the ceremony. Common items include clothing, jewellery, money, drinks, and symbolic gifts. Make sure each item is clean and ready for presentation.


  • Choose Appropriate Wrapping Material: In Ghana, brightly coloured fabric or wax print, known as “Kente” or “Ankara” fabric, is often used for wrapping engagement items. These fabrics boast intricate patterns and hold cultural significance, making them the perfect choice for this occasion. You can also opt for elegant gift boxes or baskets, depending on your preferences and the items being presented.

  • Learn Traditional Wrapping Techniques: Familiarise yourself with traditional wrapping techniques that honour Ghanaian customs. The “furo” technique involves using the fabric’s edges to create neat and secure folds around the items. You can also learn the “swirl” technique, which involves twisting the fabric to create a spiral-like effect.


  • Add Decorative Elements: Enhance the presentation by adding decorative elements to the wrapped items. Traditional beads, ribbons, or custom-made tags with the couple’s names can be attached to the package. These elements not only add beauty but also convey blessings and well-wishes to the couple.

  • Secure the Wrappings: Ensure that the engagement items are securely wrapped to avoid any mishaps during the ceremony. Use pins, clips, or ribbons to secure the fabric in place, creating a neat and elegant package.


  • Present with Respect and Humility: During the engagement ceremony, the presentation of the wrapped items is done with utmost respect and humility. In Ghanaian culture, it is customary for the presenting party to kneel when offering the items to the bride’s family as a sign of respect and honour.

  • Incorporate Cultural Blessings: Incorporate cultural blessings and prayers during the presentation to invoke the blessings of ancestors and the divine on the couple’s journey together.

Wrapping engagement items in Ghana is an art that embraces cultural significance and traditional practices. By choosing appropriate wrapping material, learning traditional techniques, adding decorative elements, and presenting with respect and humility, you can make your engagement ceremony truly special. Embrace the beauty of Ghanaian culture and honour this cherished tradition with carefully wrapped engagement items, symbolising love, respect, and the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

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