LG Prelims 2022; Full Results and Qualified Schools From OLAG Centre



The Literary Group Preliminary Competition was held over the weekend with some exciting performances from various schools as they bid to qualify to the Grand Finale.

Five Centres hosted the competition with average of 17 to 25 schools in attendance.
The competition took a break from 2022 due to Covid restrictions.
The excitement bounced back. However some schools left with laughter having qualified to the grand finale while some left disappointed.

Below are the results from the OLAG Centre and the schools that qualified.

*Results and Qualified Schools from LG Prelims

🚨Results and Qualified Schools For LG Prelims
*OLAG Centre*

1st Ejisu SHTS (Qualified)
2nd Prempeh College (Qualified)
2nd OKESS (Qualified)
4th Asanteman
5th T. I. Amass, Ksi
6th Kofi Agyei SHTS
7th St Louis SHS
8th OLAG
9th Juaben
10th Tawheed SHS
11th Kwasi Oppong SHS
12th Al-Alzariya SHS
13th Antoa SHS
14th Gyaama Pensan

1st Prempeh College (Qualified)
2nd Armed Forces (Qualified)
2nd St Louis SHS (Qualified)
4th Gyaama Pensan
5th Ejisu SHTS
6th OLAG
7th Juaben

1st Asanteman (Qualified)
2nd Prempeh (Qualified)
2nd Kofi Agyei (Qualified)
5th Gyaama Pensan
6th K-Wey Gey Hey
7th St Louis SHS
8th Antoa SHS
9th T. I. Amass, Ksi
11th Tawheed
12th Juaben SHS
13th Kwasi Oppong SHS

1st T. I. Amass, Ksi (Qualified)
2nd Asanteman (Qualified)
4th Kofi Agyei SHTS
5th K- Wesley Girls
6th OLAG
7th Islamic SHS
8th Armed Forces SHTS
9th Kwasi Oppong SHS
10th Gyaama Pensan
11th Antoa SHS
12th Tawheed SHS

1st T. I. Amass, Ksi (Qualified)
2nd Islamic SHS (Qualifiedl

*Traditional Dance*
1st Ejisu SHTS (Qualified)
2nd K-Wey Gey Hey (Qualified)
3rd Islamic SHS
4th Gyaama Pensan SHTS

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