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When considering the quality of living that one should expect upon admission, one of the first things to examine is the accommodation available on the KNUST campus. The reason for this is that a student will spend a significant amount of time outside of class in the resident halls. There are six traditional halls in KNUST.

These are:

Residential Halls

  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall
  • Unity Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • Republic Hall
  • University Hall
  • Africa Halls Hall

Until recently, University, Africa, and Unity Halls were single-sex halls. Today both Males and Females are all in the six traditional halls in KNUST.


Queen Elizabeth II Hall, also known as Queens Hall KNUST is 294 room hall in the heart of campus. The Hall was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and was officially opened in November 1959 by the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen later visited the Hall in 1961 during her state visit to Ghana

Members of Queen Elizabeth II Hall are usually known as “Royals”. The facilities in the hall include a Tennis court, Study room, Gym, Chapel, Salon, and Market 


Among the six traditional halls in KNUST, the KNUST Unity Hall is originally the largest hall with a capacity of 448 rooms but now has 36 additional flats. The Unity Hall was a men’s hall from the beginning, but it was renovated into a mixed hall on August 1, 2018. It is well-equipped with modern facilities and is nicknamed the “Twin Tower”. Members are called “Continental”, which stands for “Conti”.

Facilities include a modern internet cafe, communication, and business center, basketball court, game room, boutique and gift shop, hair salon, kitchen serving food, and a shopping center with a well-stocked supermarket. It has the most comfortable, friendly, and spacious junior lounge on campus.


Independence Hall KNUST holds a special place in Ghana because it was officially opened in February 1959 to commemorate Ghana’s independence on March 6, 1957. The Hall is KNUST’s premier and first hall, and it serves as a permanent hall of residence for both male and female students.

The proud members of the hall are commonly referred to as Spartans. The hall has 198 rooms and the 8-story annex has 96 rooms. The Independence Hall is well-equipped with an internet café, communication center, games room, gym, chapel, salon, mini-mart, and dining hall.


Republic Hall has a capacity of 850 students and is a mixed hall. The Republic Hall KNUST was dedicated when Ghana achieved Republic status in 1960. The hall didn’t admit women when it was opened in 1961. Women were admitted for the first time in 1991. There are 198 rooms in the main building and 96 in the annex block.

A modern mini-basketball court, a games room, a chapel, a salon, a gift shop, a kitchen that serves food, and other amenities are available. On-campus, Cock Tarven is a very popular Junior Common Room. Everyone gathers to socialize. The Student Representative Council (SRC) Office is at Republic hall.


KNUST University Hall has a long history dating back to 1961. The Hall was built to commemorate the then-Kumasi College of Technology’s promotion to full university status on August 22, 1961. University Hall, also known as Katanga, was previously an all-male hall until August 1, 2018, when it was converted to a mixed hall. The main hall, excluding flats, has 198 rooms that can accommodate up to 792 students. The annex has 95 rooms that can accommodate up to 380 people.

Facilities include a games room, a gym, a chapel, an Internet cafe, a mini market, a communication center, a barbershop, a kitchen that serves food, and so on. Katanga has an extremely active Junior Common Room.


Since 2018, Africa Hall KNUST has become a mixed hall rather than a pure women’s hall. It was first occupied by students on October 14, 1967. The members of the hall are commonly known as “Domites”. The Africa Hall has a total of 192 habitable rooms. The facilities include a modern internet cafe, mini basketball court, game room, chapel, salon, laundry, well-stocked kitchen serving meals, and a modern minimarket. Africa Hall J.C.R. Manages all product groups. This is one of the best, if not the best, on campus.

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