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How To Make Free Calls On MTN Ghana For 6 Months 2023

Learning the complete guide on How To Make Free Calls On MTN Ghana For 6 Months in 2023 can save a lot of airtime as well as money over phone calls.

In terms of best mobile networking in Ghana, MTN Ghana is known to be the best for all your calls, SMS, Mobile Money and internet services. The mobile telecommunication company has over 18.83 million subscribers in Ghana.

Are you tired of buying and recharging credit card on your hand held device(Mobile phone)?

Are you tired and worried of finding a credit card seller to recharge your mobile phone with credit to call your loved ones?

Then worry and struggle no more because with the latest tips and tricks I am here to provide you, it worked for me and it is confirmed and approved by MTN Ghana itself and I am to provide it to you free of charge.

We are here with this useful post to walk you through how to make free calls on MTN Ghana for six (6) months with step by step guide. The MTN Free calls offer for 6 months in Ghana is called MTN Magic number.

About MTN Ghana

MTN Group Limited was founded in the year 1994 as M-Cell with assistance from the South African Government.

Who Is Eligible For MTN Magic Number Offer

Before trying hands on the MTN Magic number, you would need to check your eligibility, to see if you are eligible for this offer.

Making free calls on MTN Ghana for 6 months can only be done whenever you are a new MTN SIM Subscriber

Before you will subscribe to MTN Free call offer for 6 months in Ghana, you would need to register your MTN SIM card from any MTN SIM registration agent across the country.

Maybe we would like to walk you through how to register for your MTN SIM card in Ghana.

How To Register Your MTN SIM in Ghana

Here is our complete guide you can follow and learn all the easier steps involved in how to register your MTN SIM Card in Ghana with the MTN SIM Registration Portal.

  • Visit the MTN SIM Registration portal: go to https://simregistrationportal.mtn. com.gh and secure your number
  • Provide your required information; your real name, date of birth and Ghana Card details
  • Snap your front page of your Ghana Card as Image or Scan it. Afterward, hold your Ghana Card and Snap it with your face showing in an Image
  • Now, you would need to confirm the MTN SIM registration with the code, *404#

After successful registration of your MTN SIM with your Ghana Card, you would need to confirm if the SIM registration has gone through. After registration, MTN Ghana will send you notification; “Y’ello, you have already been registered successfully with your Ghana Card. Thank you and keep safe.

You can also learn how to check your MTN SIM registration details yourself with the easier steps given here.

How To Activate MTN Free 6 Months Call Offer

Today, here comes our practical steps you should follow and learn how to activate the MTN Magic number offer, to make calls for free for 6 months in Ghana.

  • Dial *550# on your MTN SIM Card
  • Choose the option 8: More
  • Select option 1 for Magic Number; Thank you for choosing MTN Free Call offer. Enjoy 6 Months of Free calls with your chosen number.
  • Select option 1: MTN Free Call Offer
  • Enter your friend’s 10 digit mobile number

Follow the prompt to confirm the number entered and get registered on the MTN Magic number offer on free calls for 6 months in Ghana.

How Many Minutes Can You Call The Special Person After Activating MTN Magic Number

If you are wondering how many minutes or hours you can call this special person after activating the MTN Magic number offer for free calls in 6 months, you are allowed to call the special person activated on the MTN Magic number as many as you want. The MTN Magic number allows you to make calls to that special activated number always for free for 6 months in Ghana.

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