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military nurse salary in ghana

A military nurse is a registered nurse who is also enlisted in one of the branches of the military, serving their country by providing medical care to other military personnel. Of course, the army nurses in areas where they are exposed to blood and guts wear clean scrubs and another surgical garb.


In parades, they wear their dress uniforms, and in basic clinics where blood and guts are not the norms, I’m sure they wear their ‘proper uniform’ as their position requires. Most professional militaries employ specialized military nurses. They are often organized as distinct nursing corps.

What is the Salary of a Military Nurse in Ghana

Intensive Care Unit Critical Care Nurse salaries – 1 salary reported GHS 3,200/management management
Management salaries – 1 salary reported GHS 1,800/medical medical medical
Medical Records Assistant salaries – 1 salary reported GHS 559/cclinical clinical
Clinical Pharmacist salaries – 1 salary reported GHSperiod

It takes about 3-5 years to become a military nurse, including earning a nursing degree or degree, becoming licensed, and gaining work experience. This time period can also include sitting for a certification exam.
Applicants must have either MPhil in Nursing/Midwifery or MSc/MA in Nursing/Midwifery with a postgraduate certificate in Education and must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.

Military nurse requirement in Ghana

Applicants must have a BSc degree in any of the following specialties: Critical care re, ENT, Peri-operative, Emergency Care, Plastics and Burns, Pediatrics, Ophthalmic Nursing, Nephrology Nursing, and other specialties with at least one (1) year working experience post-permanent registration in a recognized health sector.


Eligible applicants should:

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth.
  2. Be of good character.
  3. Not less than 20 years and not more than 26 years by 6th June 2021, for Regular Commission and not more than 30 years by Thursday 2nd May 2021, for Short Service Commission.
  4. Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces Standards.
  5. Not Bonded.
  6. Not married (for Regular Officer Candidates only).
  7. Be of a minimum height of 1.68m (5’6”) for males and 1.60m (5’4”) for females.

In addition to the general eligibility, nursing and midwifery applicants must have a degree from an accredited institution plus a relevant postgraduate qualification.



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