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I have been in school for three (3) years and I watched as new chapter started to unfold. I witnessed the occurances of ‘stories untold’. My High School Diary is a compilation of all occasions from November 16, 2018 to October 6th, 2021.

Three days passed and I had not said to a single person. I had made no friends and had no clue what the trend was. Not until I decided to follow the flow and allow the social me to grow. I knew it was not going to an easy task rewriting my entire personality just to suit the new society. But to avoid anxiety, I had to. Finding a friend had almost become an obsession. I twas to that I channelled every decision. That was my only intention throughout year one. As part of trying to make a friend so as to blend, I had to also deal with senior trying to bully me. My body played me a great disadvantage. No form of physical defence would work for me; I knew. My only defence was my ability to talk my way out of the claws of bullies. An That was my life throughout form one.

Second year was when I broke lots of my social restrains. It was during that when I join a club_WDC in school and it really got me a new branded and blending personality. That which needed to amendment to fit into any society. That which bought me countless friends. I got to uncover and build my writing abilities and build self confidence and courage. Simultaneously, academics was going on right. I began growing in sight and a great amount of foresight. And I started thinking of the future. And the brightness of the future pushed me through to the final year.

In the Final year, WDC was reformulated in to WDS and that by some means directed my path into the SRC_both Local and Regional. At that level, I had developed every single social personality I had in me. In that same way, I had increased my writing and public speech abilities. Final year was a very short chapter and it was closed by WASSCE to which I hope for a great outcome.

The story still tells itself. And chapters are yet to open but until then, this is all I have written in my High School Diary . 

                                  Mantey Louis Owusu

                                     Opoku Ware School

                                              (ARWDS GEN. SECRETARY)

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