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NSUTAMAN CATH. SHS Conquers Ashanti Region; Wins Independence Quiz Competition

NSUTAMAN CATHOLIC SHS will represent Ashanti Region at the next level of competition after winning the Regional level contest of the National Independence Quiz Competition.


The competition was held a couple of weeks ago at the Auditorium of Kumasi Technical Institute.

The independence Quiz Competition was introduced a couple of years ago and seeks to test the knowledge of students on Ghana’s history, achievement and legacy.

The competition was organized across the country.
The winning schools from various districts were grouped into 7 zones in Ashanti region and had the zonal competition on 5th January, 2020.
The supezonal competition was held at KTI auditorium among the winning schools from the 7 zones.
The competing schools were; Denyeaseman SHS, Osei Tutu II college, T I ahmadiyah(ksi), Nsutaman Catholic SHS, Bonwire SHTS, and Tepa SHS.

Round 1
1. Denyeaseaman SHS- 07pts
2. Manso Adubea SHS- 00pts
3. Osei Tutu II college- 02pts
4. Real Amass- 09pts
5. Nsutaman CATH. – 06pts
6. Bonwire SHS- 09pts
7. Tepa SHS- 06pts

Round 2
1. Denyeaseaman CATH SHS-06pts
2. Manso Adubea SHS- 03pts
3. Osei Tutu II college- 03pts
4. Real Amass- 06pts
5. Nsutaman CATH. – 09pts
6. Bonwire SHS- 06pts
7. Tepa SHS- 09pts

Round 3
1. Denyeaseaman CATH SHS-06pts
2. Manso Adubea SHS-08pts
3. Osei Tutu II college- 09pts
4. Real Amass- 10pts
5. Nsutaman CATH. -10pts
6. Bonwire SHS- 06pts
7. Tepa SHS- 03pts

End of Contest
1. Denyeaseaman CATH SHS-19pts-4th
2. Manso Adubea SHS-10pts-7th
3. Osei Tutu II college- 13pts-6th
4. Real Amass- 24pts-2nd
5. Nsutaman CATH. -25pts-1st
6. Bonwire SHS- 21pts-3rd
7. Tepa SHS- 18pts-5th

Therefore Nsutaman Catholic SHS is crowned champions of Ashanti region and will represent the region at the national level. The regions have also been grouped into 4 zones for the semi final stage.


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