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NTC Revise CPD Points For Teachers For Lenience Renewal (All you need to know)

NTC Revise CPD Points For Teachers For Lenience Renewal

The National Teaching Council held its Teachers and Stakeholders engagement dubbed Online Dialogue Series on 31st March and have initiated processes to revise its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points

The Deputy Registrar in Charge of Operations, Mr. Lawrence Sarpong addressing the Online Dialogue Series for 2023 stated that the current CPD points accumulation is being revised to address some bottlenecks that have come about as a result of the current implementation.

The Current CPD Points System

Teachers have been burdened with building CPD points by attending CPD Workshops by Service Providers who at times charge exorbitant prices leading mass complaints from teachers and Teacher Unions.

The current system require teachers on SUP II to obtain 60 CPD points before they qualify for promotion and renewal of license while those on SUPT I are expected to bag 65 CPD Points for license renewal.

Senior SUPT II are required 70 Points while those on Senior SUPT I need 75 CPD Points to renew their license. for Principal Supt. they are required to have 80 CPD points while those on  Assistant Director II and Assistant Director I are required to have 85 and 90 points respectively.


Revised CPD Points For Teachers

A revised CPD Points Building Rubrics has therefore been tabled for Validation by the NTC to change the current CPD system which is receiving significant opposition from various teacher quarters

After Carefully reflecting and reviewing the current system, the NTC has proposed 20 POINTS per each academic year for every teacher regardless of Rank. 60% of the Points constituting 12 CPD Points should be earned through the platform of the Employer i.e. Ghana Education Service through participation in Professsional Learning Communites (PLCs) and National CPD Day.


KG/Primary/JHS Teachers with The 3 Term System

Teachers within this bracket are expected to amass 2 CPD Points from PLC per Term with a total of 6 PTS for the 3 Terms.

Additionally, they must bag 2 CPD Points per term from participating in CPD Days totaling 6 Points for the three terms. The PLCs and CPD Days will give a Total of 12 Points.

SHS Teachers With 2 Semester System

SHS Teachers are required to have 2 Points from attending PLCs at the commencement of the semester, Mid Semester and Tail End of the semester For each of the two Semesters .  This will yield 6 total CPD Points for each Semester. The two Semesters will provide 12 Points.

Both the PLC and CPD Day Points are Mandatory Points and must necessarily be undertaken by Teachers. This will give about 60% of the required points


The Other 40 % of the CPD points

The eight (8) points remaining amounting to other 40 % of the CPD points which is 8 CPD Points is the responsibility of the Teacher who must make them through CPD Workshops.

Undertaking Further Studies and Professional Courses can yield 4 Points while Teachers can also attend Workshops by CPD Service providers to make the 4 CPD Points gap to complete the pack of 20 Points.

The 20 Points will for each academic year will make 60 Points for the three year for License Renewal to continue practicing as a Teacher.


What Happens To Accumulated CPD Points

For Teachers with more than 20 CPD Points, NTC is developing a system of assessment which will look at the dynamics of the Accumulated Points so far and come out with a criteria that will ensure that the Teacher will not loose out but still benefit from his points even upon the roll out of the Revised System.


Implementation Date

The NTC is looking at rolling the revised CPD Points by April 20223.



The NTC continue to listen to the concerns of Stakeholders and periodically review its operations to meet their needs of all stakeholders.

The concept of CPD Points have come to stay and Teachers must integrate it into their planning to ensure that they are not left behind.








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