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Sperm Donation In Ghana

Sperm Donation In Ghana

Following a report by Media General’s TV3 Network that a Ghanaian young man, Curtis Jackson (not his real name) donates his sperm for a fee of ₵2,500 every week, there has been mad rush by Ghanaian young men to fertility centers to also take advantage of this juicy offer to offer their sperms for money.

His revelation is contained in a special feature by TV3 dubbed, “Man Assisted Babies” aired on January 14, 2023.

The feature explored sperm and egg donations in Ghana which has become the means of survival for many young unemployed youth who have to make ends meet.

Lesbians and couples who are struggling to have children can choose from options such as surrogacy, IVF, or adoption.

Demand For Sperms

The demand for sperms in Ghana is gradually gaining grounds as young men are trying to dig gold by donating sperms to childless or lesbian couples.

A list of fertility clinics in Ghana that pay at least Ghc 2,000 per week for sperm donations has circulated online causing these agile young men to rush to these clinics.


Donation Centers

Some of the names that has popped out includes the ones stated below.

List Of Clinics for Sperm Donation In Ghana
1. Upscale angles fertility, Accra
2. Medifem, Accra
3. Finney hospital & fertility Centre, Accra.

4. Ruma fertility, kumasi
5. Adiebeba hospital, kumasi
6. Lister hospital & fertility, Accra
7. Pro vita specialist hospital, Accra
8. Aniwaa medical center, kumasi



Nutritionist Fred Amese has stated that there may be future implication for such sperm donations including the likelihood of the children produced as a result of the practice, marrying in the future unknowingly and thereby committing incest.

“The reason why for me as a person I would not donate is because there are so many repercussions for the future and the fact is that when you donate, there are certain undertakings you have to note such that you might not even know the child that is borne or even have access to him or her,” 3news.com quotes him as saying on 3FM Sunrise.


Finding Surrogate Mothers and Sperm Doners

Interested individuals can explore this new venture whether you are donating or intending to serve as surrogate mother.

The link below guides those who want to explore surrogacy or sperm donation.



Earning for Sperm Donation in Ghana

A syringe-sized container of sperm ranges from GHC1,500 and GHC3,500.

This is quite a decent amount for interested donors in Ghana.

However, there have been health and safety concerns associated with sperm donation.


Qualification to Donate

To be cleared or qualified to donate, donors are generally required to present extensive family and personal medical data about genetic disorders, as well as medical evaluation including screening for sexually transmitted diseases.


How many times can one donate Sperms at a time?


Donating sperms or eggs doesn’t diminish the ovarian reserve, it’ safe to donate more than one time. One can donate up to six (6) times. There are a couple of reasons that the number of donations is capped at six. Beyond this number, there could be Health Concerns.



As much as some citizens have concerns over the ethics surrounding sperm donation, others see it as a legitimate way of helping childless couples to make babies to sustain their marriages.



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