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The Libraries will provide you with outstanding resources, programs, and services to support your academic and personal goals. It’s committed to creating an enabling environment to support cutting-edge research as well as high-quality teaching and learning.

You can explore its sites http://balme.ug.edu.gh and http://library.ug.edu.gh to familiarize yourselves with the resources available. Examples are:

  • Sage Research Methods (supports research at all levels by providing material to guide users through every step of the research process)
  • Scopus (abstract and citation database, useful for literature search and review)
  • Annual Review (captures current understanding of a topic and sets the work in historical context)
  • ScienceDirect (full text multidisciplinary)
  • JSTOR (full text multidisciplinary)
  • Jaypeedigitals (Health sciences: Reference works, textbooks, journals, videos of surgical procedures and MCQs- Full text)
  • Ebooks (Proquest, ScienceDirect and Jaypeedigitals)
  • Endnote X9 and Mendeley Institutional Edition reference management software.

The Library offers printing, bindery, photocopying, and scanning services.
Please do not hesitate to contact them at blbalmelib.@ug.edu.gh or by contacting your designated subject librarians.

The Library organizes workshops on the UGC at, databases and other resources. Such workshops will be advertised to allow those interested to register for them. In addition training on any specific resource may be requested by contacting your Subject Librarian.

User education in the Library takes the form of the annual orientation programme organized for freshers at the start of the academic year.


1. Silence is to be observed at all times within the precincts of
the library.
2. Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the library
3. No food or drink is allowed in any part of the library. This includes toffees, fruits, candies, etc.
4. Bags, gowns, raincoats, umbrellas, cameras, scanners, tape recorders, etc., must be deposited with the library staff at the entrance (East Alcove ) and a tag collected.
5. It must be noted that such items are deposited at the owners’ own risk and the Library disclaims responsibility for any
loss of or damage to any items so deposited.
6. Firearms and other offensive weapons are not allowed into the Library.
7. Pets are not allowed in any part of the Library.
8. No seat shall be reserved by or for any reader. Any seat so reserved shall be cleared by the library staff for use by others.
9. Any book recalled shall be returned within 72 hours or fines will be imposed after three days.
10. Library staff will inspect any item being taken out of the library.
11. All users must enter and leave the library through the main entrance facing the University Square.
12. Users may not enter staff offices except invited by a staff member.
13. All borrowed materials are to be returned three days before the end of each semester.
14. Orderly conduct must be maintained at all times in all parts of the library.


Semester opening hours

Our current opening hours are:

 All SectionsUnited Nations (UN), Undergraduate Discussion Rooms, Africana Rare Room & Students Reference Room
Monday – Friday08:3022:3008:3016:30

24-hour opening

The 24 – Hour Reading Room is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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