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The University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) is a premier business school in the sub-region focused on developing world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges, through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination.

UGBS is a member of reputable international networks of business schools such as AACSB – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (www.aacsb.edu/about), GNAM – Global Network for Advanced Management (http://advancedmanagement.net/) and AABS – Association of African Business Schools (http://www.aabschools.com/).The School has collaborations with leading business schools in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa in the areas of student/faculty exchanges, academic programme, case studies, and research development.

The School offers various undergraduate, masters and PhD programmes in its six academic departments – Department of Accounting, Department of Finance, Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Department of Operations and Management Information Systems (OMIS), Department of Organisation and Human Resource Management (OHRM), and Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management (PAHSM). Some of the masters programmes including EMBA, MBA, MSc Development Finance,MSc Information Systems,and MA Marketing Strategy are also run in a flexible mode (evenings, weekends and sandwich) to enable students pursue graduate studies whiles working.

The School’s executive education outfit, UGBS-Executive Development(UGBS-ED),offers executive education and tailored programmes to executives and senior management across various sectors while its Enterprise Development Service (EDS) specialises in providing business development, business advisory, and consulting to a wide range of enterprises.

UGBS has qualified and experienced faculty who are committed to carrying out research that is relevant for policy, covering a variety of areas including, finance, banking, insurance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, information systems, operations management, human resource management, health services management, and public administration.

Undergraduate Program Undergraduate Programs

BSc Administration (Accounting option)

BSc Administration (Banking and Finance option)

BSc Administration (Insurance option)

BSc Administration (Marketing option)

BSc Administration (E-commerce & Customer Management option)

BSc Administration (Human Resource Management option)

BSc Administration (Health Services Management option)

BSc Administration (Public Administration option)


1Warehouse and Inventory Management6 – 8 February900
2Effective Leadership in Management and Administration13 – 15 February900
3Accounting for Non-Accountants20 – 22 February900
4Effective Office Management and Administration26 – 28 February900
5How To Become an Effective Personal Assistant7– 9March900
6Procurement Management7– 9 March900
7Logistics and Transport Management13– 16March1125
8Effective Front Desk Management21– 22March765
9Effective Human Resource Management27– 29March900


1Customer Relationship Management3 – 5 April900
2Internal Audit and Control3 – 5 April900
3Effective Leadership in Management and Administration10 – 12 April900
4Procurement Management17 – 19 April900
5Organisational Health and Safety Practices17 – 19 April900
6Supply Chain Management23 – 26 April1125
7Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel23 – 26 April1125
8Practical Selling Skills2 – 4 May900
9Effective Management of SMEs8– 11 May1125
10Warehouse and Inventory Management8– 10 May900
11Logistics and Transport Management14– 17 May1125
12Effective Office Management and Administration15– 17 May900
13How to Become an Effective Personal Assistant22– 24May900
14Effective Leadership in Management and Administration29– 31May900
15Effective Human Resource Management5 – 7June900
16Effective Supervision5 – 7June900
17Effective Front Desk Management13 – 14 June765
18Negotiation Skills13 – 14 June765
19Practical Selling Skills19 – 21 June900
20Accounting for Non-Accountants26 – 28 June900


1Logistics and Transport Management3 – 6 July1125
2Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel3 – 6 July1125
3Customer Relationship Management10 – 12 July900
4Accounting for Non-Accountants10 – 12 July900
5Negotiation Skills18 – 19 July765
6Effective Front Desk Management18 – 19 July765
7Supply Chain Management23 – 26 July1125
8Effective Leadership in Management and Administration24 – 26 July900
9Effective Management of SMEs24 – 27 July1125
10Procurement Management31 July – 2 August900
11Internal Audit and Control1 – 3 August900
12Effective Supervision8– 10 August900
13Warehouse and Inventory Management8– 10 August900
14Effective Human Resource Management15– 17 August900
15Team building and Conflict Management15– 17 August900
16Organisational Health and Safety Practices22– 24 August900
17Effective Office Management and Administration22– 24 August900
18How To Become an Effective Personal Assistant29–31 August900
19Accounting for Non-Accountants4 – 6 September900
20Customer Relationship Management4 – 6 September900
21Logistics and Transport Management10 – 13 September1125
22Internal Audit and Control11 – 13 September900
23Practical Selling Skills17 – 19 September900
24Negotiation Skills26 – 27 September765
25Effective Front Desk Management26 – 27 September765


1Effective Supervision2– 4 October900
2Supply Chain Management8– 11 October1125
3Financial Modelling using Microsoft Excel8– 11 October1125
4Effective Human Resource Management16– 18 October900
5Customer Relationship Management16– 18 October900
6Practical Selling Skills23– 25 October900
7Internal Audit and Control23– 25 October900
8Effective Management of SMEs30 Oct – 2November1125
9Warehouse and Inventory Management6 – 8November900
10Effective Leadership in Management and Administration6 – 8November900
11Accounting for Non-Accountants13 – 15 November900
12Procurement Management13 – 15 November900
13Negotiation Skills20 – 21 November765
14Effective Front Desk Management20 – 21 November765
15Logistics and Transport Management26 – 29 November1125
16Organisational Health and Safety Practices4 – 6December900
17Effective Office Management and Administration4 – 6December900
18Internal Audit and Control11 – 13December900
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