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The Department of Economics was established in 1948 and is one of the teaching and research departments under the Faculty of Social Studies.

The Department offers undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees in Economics and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Economic Policy Management.

The Department also services other departments/establishments of the University namely, the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, the University of Ghana City Campus, the Legon Centre for international Affairs, the Regional Institute for Population Studies and the Institute of Continuing and Distance Education.

Course Schedule


Summary Of Courses Offered


The Courses available in Level 100 are compulsory for all students.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECON 101 Introduction To Economics I3
ECON 102/112 Introduction To Economics II3


The Courses available in Level 200 are compulsory for all students.

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECON 201/211 Elements Of Economics I (Pre-req: ECON 101 or ‘A’ Level Standing and good credit in Mathematics)3
ECON 202/212 Elements Of Economics II (Prerequisite: ECON 102)3
ECON 203/213* Elements Of Mathematics For Economists (Pre-req: Econ 101 and 102)2
ECON 204/214* Elements Of Statistics For Economists (Pre-req: Econ 101 and 102)2
ECON 205/215 Introduction to the Economy of Ghana I (Pre-req: Econ 101 and 102)3
ECON 206/216 Introduction to the Economy of Ghana (Pre-req: Econ 101 and 102)3


Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECON 301/311 Microeconomic Theory I (Pre-requisite: EC0N 201 and ECON 203)3
ECON 302/312 Microeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: ECON 301)3
ECON 303/313 Macroeconomic Theory I(Prerequisite ECON 202 and ECON 203)3
ECON 304/314 Macroeconomic Theory II (Prerequisite: ECON 303)2
ECON 305/315 Applied Mathematics For Economists (Prerequisite: ECON 203 and ECON 204)<3
ECON 306/316 Applied Statistics For Economists (Prerequisite: ECON 305) (Prerequisite: ECON 203 and ECON 204)3
ECON 307/317 Economic Development And Growth I
(Prerequisite: ECON 201 and 202)
ECON 308/318 Development And Growth II (Prerequisite: ECON 201 and 202)3


Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECON 401/441 Economic Theory I (Micro) (Pre-req: ECON 301 and 302 A good background in Quantitative Techniques)3
ECON 402/442 Economic Theory II (Macro) (Pre-req: ECON 303 and 304 A good background in Quantitative Techniques)3
ECON 403/443 Econometrics I (Prerequisite: ECON 305 and 306)3
ECON 404/444 Econometrics II (Prerequisite: ECON 305 and 306)3
ECON 407/447 International Trade Theory And Policy (Pre-req: a good background in Microeconomics)3
ECON 408/448 International Monetary & Financial Institutions (Pre-req: a good background in Macroeconomics)3
ECON 409/449 Industrial Economics I (Prerequisite: ECON 301 and 302)3
ECON 412/452 Industrial Economics II (Prerequisite: ECON 409)3
ECON 413/453 Public Finance I (Prerequisite: ECON 301, 302, 303 and 304)3
ECON 414/454 Public Finance II (Prerequisite: ECON 413)3
ECON 417/457 Agricultural Economics I (Pre-req: A good background in Economic Theory)3
ECON 418/458 Agricultural Economics II (Prereq: ECON 417)3
ECON 427 Economic Planning I (Prerequisite: ECON 302 and 304)3
ECON 428 Economic Planning II (Prerequisite: ECON 427)3
ECON 429/469 Labour Economics I (Prerequisite: ECON 301and 302)3
ECON 432/472 Labour Economics II (Prerequisite: ECON 429)3
ECON 433/473 Money And Banking I (Pre-req: ECON 303 and ECON 304)3
ECON 434/474 Money And Banking II (Pre-req: ECON 433)3

Post Graduate Courses


Core Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
ECON 601/602 Microeconomics Theory I & II 
ECON 603/604 Macroeconomics Theory I & II 
ECON 605/606 Quantitative Methods I & II 
ECON 607/608 Public Finance I & II 
ECON 609/610 Health Economics I & II 
ECON 611/612 Economic Policy Analysis and Planning I & II 
ECON 613/614 International Economics I & II 
ECON 615/616 Monetary Economics I & II 
ECON 617/618 Advanced Econometrics I & II 
ECON 619/620 Economic Development I & II 
ECON 621/622 Population Economics I & II 
ECON 623/624 Rural Development I & II 
ECON 625/626 Operations Research I & II 
ECON 627/628 Economics of Natural Resources and Environment I & II 
ECON 629/630 Agricultural Economics I & II 
ECON 631/632 Labour Economics I & II 
ECON 633/634 Managerial Economics I & II 
ECON 635/636 Transport Economics I & II 
ECON 637/638 Industrial Economics I & II 
ECON 639/640 Urban and Regional Economics I & II 
ECON 641/642 Economics of Education and Manpower Planning I & II 
ECON 643/644 African Economic History I & II 
ECON 691 Seminar Presentation I3
ECON 692 Seminar Presentation II3
ECON 693 Thesis30


Economic Policy Management Programme – Courses


Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
EPMP 601 Economic Principles (Micro I and Macro I)3
EPMP 603 Policy Analysis, Design and Evaluation4
EPMP 605 Mathematical & Statistical Methods3
EPMP 607 Effective Communication3
EPMP 609 Strategic Management3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
EPMP 600Economic Policy Seminar I1
EPMP 602Microeconomics4
EPMP 604Macroeconomics4
EPMP 608Public Sector Economics3
EPMP 614Managerial Accounting3
EPMP 616Applied Quantitative Analysis3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
EPMP 611Financial Management 
EPMP 615Programme & Project Management4
EPMP 635Economic Policy Seminar II2
EPMP 637Development Economics3
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
EPMP 693  Research Project 
Total Credits 55 
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
EPMP 621International Economics 
EPMP 623Monetary Economics3
EPMP 625Labour Economics3
EPMP 627Industrial Economics3
EPMP 629Human Resource Development3
EPMP 631Rural Economy3
EPMP 639Environmental and Natural Resource3
EPMP 641Agricultural Economics3


Semester One


Core Courses

Course CodeCourse Title 
FSSP 701 Philosophy of the Social Sciences 
ECON 703 Advanced Microeconomics 
Elective Courses  
Course CodeCourse Title 
ECON 705 Theories and Methods of Economic Development 
ECON 707 Advanced International Economics I 
ECON 709 Advanced Monetary Economics I 
ECON 713 Applied Agricultural Economics I 
ECON 715 Applied Health Economics 
ECON 717 Advanced Financial Economics I 
ECON 719 Applied Natural Resource Economics I 
ECON 721 Advanced Labour Economics I 
Semester Two
 Core Courses
Course CodeCourse Title 
ECON 702 Applied Econometrics 
ECON 704 Advanced Macroeconomics 
Elective Courses  
Course CodeCourse Title 
ECON 706 Applied Theories and Methods of Economic Development 
ECON 708 Advanced International Economics II 
ECON 712 Advanced Monetary Economics II 
ECON 714 Applied Agricultural Economics II 
ECON 716 Applied Natural Resources Economics II 
ECON 718 Advanced Financial Economics II 
ECON 722 Advanced Labour Economics II 
ECON 724 Political Economy of African Development
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