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2021/2022 SHS self-placement guidelines for BECE Graduates

Students who are not automatically placed in any of the six schools they chose may be given the option to SHS self-placement. This write-up aims to provide students and parents with the default process for using the 2021/2022 SHS self-placement module to select a school, accommodation.


2021 SHS self-placement guidelines for BECE candidates
Follow the following advice when doing the self-placement to make sure you make the right choices. Some students have regretted using the module in the past because they did not heed instructions.

1. When doing the self-placement, make sure that if you are selecting a day school, the Day school is within your catchment area where you can conveniently commute. For instance, for a student living in East Legon, selecting a day school in Tema is not the best given the distance.

2. In the case of Technical Programs, ensure that you consult the school register to verify that the schools you select offer your desired programes. Know the programme before you choose it.

3. Do not select schools based on where your friends are going or what programmes they want to read. Select based on your interest.

4. Do not leave school choices to an internet café attendant in the case of self-placement. Make sure your parents are with you during the self-placement. Parents who are too busy must ensure they assign someone to respond to a distress call from their wards if they are not placed and have to do a self-placement.

5. Do not assume that you can choose a school as a Day Student and switch to boarding upon admission. This is not possible in 9 out of 10 instances.

6. Do not choose a school because you want to be in that school, instead choose a school because you want to offer an available programme. Last year, schools uploaded onto the self-placement module come with the specific programme available and the accommodation. Watch all these before submitting your choice because once you submit, you cannot change it.

The above 2021/2022 SHS self-placement guidelines for students should surely help students to use the portal just in case they are to choose a new school altogether.

How to check your 2021 BECE SHS placement
To check your school placement comfortably, use a laptop or a desktop. Using the phone may create some inconveniences.

Follow the following steps to check your 2021 BECE SHS placement.

1. Visit any of the CSSPS websites: cssps.org or cssps.gov.gh

2. Purchase an E-voucher with Mobile Money (Purchasing the Voucher card from vendors will save you from fraudsters and scammers).

3. Click on check placement

4. Enter your Index number and E-voucher Pin (At this stage enter your BECE Index number and add 20, Eg 100000000021 and your 12 digit voucher pin).

5. Click on submit and wait for a new window to display your placement

6. Now print out the Placement Summary Sheet as well as the enrolment form.


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