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ARSRC Activities For First Semester Out; Check Dates and Other Details

The Ashanti Regional Students Representative Council has released its program of activities for the first semester of the academic year 2021/2022.

The Council held its 24th Residential Congress last year and has now secured approval for first semester programs for the academic year.
However due to Covid complications and its attendant restrictions coupled with the complicated Tracking system, the Council has in consultation with key stakeholders modified its activities to ensure smooth running of its activity. Consequently, the Council will hold a joint 1st General Meeting and Opening Ceremony for its 25th Students Week Celebrations on Saturday February 19th, 2022.

The meeting will serve a double purpose. Some of the first General Meeting activities will be done including the election of Awards Committee members and budget reading. The launch of the 25th students week celebration will also be done same day with a presentation from a Guest Speaker. Writers and Debaters Society (WDS), Literary Group and Editorial Committee will also hold their various meetings on the same day. Kumasi Technical Institute, Anglican Senior High and T. I. Amass, Ksi are earmarked for the packed 19th February Meeting.


The Council will also hold its controlled and restricted LG Prelims on Saturday 5th March, 2022 at four selected venues to be communicated later on. The LG Performances will be highly monitored and controlled in numbers and observance of the protocols.

Poetry and Drama Topics will center on

1. Safety in the midst of a pandemic
2. students violence, school rivalry student clashes and its consequences,

3. Exams Malpractice and its Consequences

4. Indiscipline among students and consequences
5. Students using phones to record and share obscene acts and its implications now and the future.

3 minutes will be allotted for poetry presentation, 4 minutes for choreography, 6 minutes for drama and 4 minutes for music and 4 minutes for Traditional Performance. Schools can only register for Maximum 3 categories ONLY.

Only first three schools (1st to 3rd will qualify in Music and Choreography).
First 2 or 1st and 2nd will qualify in (Drama, Poetry and Traditional Dance)

For drama 8 characters will be allowed, music 6 in all including instrumentalists, 2 for poetry, 8 for choreographies and 8 for Traditional dance including drummers.
Not less than 2 Teachers (not NABCO or Service Personnel) but Teachers including the SRC Patron should accompany the delegation to all programs.

To ensure total control, only the Performers and 10 supporters will be admitted at the venue. Strict adherence to the numbers due to Covid restrictions. Students coming for all programs as much as possible should be vaccinated.

The LG Finals is slated for Saturday 19th March.

The Celebrations will be climaxed with a Thanksgiving Service.

Member schools are therefore to plan ahead to be part of the projected activities of the ARSRC.

Time lines for the Luv Fm Debate, Ultimate High School Quiz, High School Excellence Awards and other programs will be announced soon.


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