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BEWARE; What Every New SHS One Student Should Know To Avoid Trouble

As first year students prepare to leave for school, a new chapter is about to begin in their life.
A new phase, a new dawn, a new chapter, a new environment comes with its challenges and potential.

Many young students between the ages of 14 and 17 are opening a new chapter of their life. These innocent students are entering an environment where multiple and unsuspecting, revealing and hidden treasures and agenda lie. Unfortunately some innocent souls will be exposed to numerous lifestyle they will find strange. However with knowledge and awareness, they can negotiate this bend without being harmed or stained.

So What Awaits New Students???

The Good
1. There are many decent and focused students on campus who can inspire you to succeed. There are serious students who know why they are in school and haven’t compromised their stance after years in school. Find them. Let them be your mentor and senior.
Ask about them, ask about their record, know their lifestyle and their commitment to God. Choose them as your seniors. Welcome them.

2. Find a true and a committed Teacher who can be a father figure or mother figure to you. Let your parents commit your welfare to such teachers. Let them guide you at all times. Seek counseling from them. Whem anyone wants to take advantage of you, dont hesitate to tell them. Welcome such Teachers

3. The school environment is designed to shape you. Avail yourself to rules and regulations. Dont skip worship, gatherings, assemblies, meetings, services, dining, entertainment etc. Every school gathering has a purpose. Dont skip them. Don’t see them as nuisance. The whole idea is to build you as a holistic individual capable of fitting into the society. Welcome all school activities.

4. Take advantage of curricula and co-curricula activities. Be serious with your academics, don’t take anything for granted. Both in and outside the classroom, be prepared to learn. Let the school pass through you to make an impact, don’t pass through the school without being impacted positively.

5. Never forget your background. Always remember who you are and where you come from. Dont compare yourself with others. Remember your background and keep your focus. Stay away from trouble and run away from people with no vision and focus. Don’t entertain people with questionable character. Be guided by your background and know that you are entering the school as an individual and you will exit as an individual.
Remember your background.


1. In every circular institution there are people with deviant behavior. Watch out for them. They will not reveal their true motive to you until they get you hooked. They will lure you with sweet words to join their company until you are initiated. Beware.

2. Drug Peddlers/Addicts; Most senior high school institutions have these deviants who operate under cover. They conceal their activities until they are caught. They recruit first year students and initiate them before they complete school. Watch out for them. Their colleagues know them. When a senior tries to woo you, ask about his background. Some prepare wee toffee and use it to unconsciously attract innocent souls until you can’t live without it. From the toffee, you may need more than that. Beware.

3.Sexual Deviants: You will be exposed to students who may have different sex orientation. Some may be lesbians, gays etc. They target innocent form one students and attract them supporting them and being there for them. They may buy you things to trap you so that when they reveal their real intentions to you, you can’t possibly say no because you owe them a favor. Beware..

4. The Bound Breakers: There are seniors who have established themselves as bound breakers. They live by breaking bounds and going contrary to rules. They run to town at the slightest opportunity. Some may have rented facilities close to the school where they carry out their nefarious activities. Don’t entertain their company. Beware…..

5. The Punishers: There are seniors who enjoy inflicting pain to first years students. They tell you that they received similar treatment when they came to school. Don’t feel intimidated. Be respectful, obedient and humble but don’t accept any unjustifiable maltreatment. There are guiding rules and regulations in school. There is a code of Conduct for both students and teachers. When anyone inflict harm on you, Boldly report that individual to teachers you can trust. Don’t think that by reporting them, other seniors will target you. The school is not an animal kingdom, it is an institution with structures and authority. Be informed….

6. There are hidden groups in schools with various names. The gangsters, the Big Guys, the Cashbolas, The Beauty Squad, the Big 3,4,5 etc… The Fresh Boys/Girls, The Gents, The Ladies etc various squads and gangs exist in schools. They won’t reveal their true motive to you until they recruit you. No Gang in school has a good intention. Some pursue vanity and lose sense of their rationale for being in school Beware……..

When all is said and done, remember you have just three years in that school. Live to make those three years count. Dont live to regret the years. Its tricky bend but with sound advice and guidance, you can negotiate it successfully.

Accept leadership responsibility in school and keep yourself busy with positive things that will impact your life.

I wish you a fruitful stay in school. Enjoy your senior high school education.

(Regional SRC Coordinator)

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