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Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System is a robotic based system which was introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to ensure the smooth placement of competent Basic Education Certificate Examination candidates into Second Cycle institutions in Ghana.

Before the introduction of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), the selection and placement of BECE students into second cycle institutions was demanding, stressful and took a great deal of time.

The CSSPS includes the groupings of schools. All the second cycle institutions in Ghana have been combined into divisions known as CATEGORIES.

The divisions are as follows;

  • All State owned second cycle  schools have been classified into four groups. They are:
  • All Public second cycle schools that offer Technical and Vocational Programmes have been classified into CATEGORY E.
  • All Private second cycle institutions have been classified into CATEGORY F.
  • All Private second cycle Technical and Vocational institutions have been grouped into CATEGORY G.

It is interesting to know that the category A schools are the exceptional Senior High Schools from which a Basic Education Certificate Examination candidate can only choose one school.

Academic performance at West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination School’s achievements, Infrastructure, and facilities are among the important ranking factors the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) use to rank Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Category C Schools are the ordinary Public State Owned Second Cycle Schools in Ghana.

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

Below is the complete list of Category C Schools in the Volta Region.

Abor Senior High SchoolAborMixedDay and Boarding
Abuadi Tsrefe Community Senior High SchoolAdakluMixedDay
Adaklu Senior High School AdakluMixedDay and Boarding
Adidome Senior High School AdidomeMixedDay and Boarding
Afadjato Senior High Technical SchoolGbledi-GbogameMixedDay and Boarding
Afife Senior High Technical School AfifeMixedDay and Boarding
Agotime Senior High School KpetoeMixedDay and Boarding
Akatsi Senior High Technical School AkatsiMixedDay and Boarding
Akome Senior High Technical School AkomeMixedDay and Boarding
Akpafu Senior High Technical School AkpafuMixedDay and Boarding
Alavanyo Senior High Technical School AlavanyoMixedDay and Boarding
Anfoega Senior HighAnfoegaMixedDay and Boarding
Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior HighAnlo Afiadenyigba MixedDay and Boarding
Anlo Awomefia Senior HighAnyakoMixedDay and Boarding
Atiavi Senior High/TechAtiaviMixedDay and Boarding
Avatime Senior HighVaneMixedDay and Boarding
Ave Senior HighAve-DakpaMixedDay and Boarding
Avenor Senior HighAvenorkpemeMixedDay and Boarding
Aveyime Battor Senior High/Tech.Aveyime-BattorMixedDay and Boarding
Battor Senior HighBattorMixedDay and Boarding

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.
Zion College, Anloga.

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

Dabala Senior High Technical SchoolDabalaMixedDay and Boarding
Dofor Senior High SchoolJuapongMixedDay and Boarding
Dzodze Penyi Senior High SchoolDzodzeMixedDay and Boarding
Dzolo Senior High SchoolDzoloMixedDay and Boarding
Evangelical Presbyterian Senior High SchoolHohoeMixedDay and Boarding
Jim Bourton Memorial Agricultural Senior High SchoolMixedDay and Boarding
Keta Business Senior High SchoolKetaMixedDay and Boarding
Klikor Senior High Technical School KlikorMixedDay and Boarding
Kpedze Senior High SchoolKpedzeMixedDay and Boarding
Kpeve Senior High SchoolKpeveMixedDay and Boarding
Leklebi Senior High SchoolLeklebiMixedDay and Boarding
Likpe Senior High SchoolLikpe-MateMixedDay and Boarding
Peki Senior High Technical SchoolPekiMixedDay and Boarding
Shia Senior High Technical SchoolShiaMixedDay
Sokode Senior High Technical School SokodeMixedDay and Boarding
Some Senior High SchoolAgbozumeMixedDay and Boarding
St. Catherine Girls Senior High School AgbakopeGirlsDay and Boarding
St. Kizito Senior High Technical SchoolMepeMixedDay and Boarding
St. Paul’s Senior High SchoolHatsukope / DenuBoysDay and Boarding
Taviefe Community Senior High SchoolTaviefeMixedDay and Boarding
Three Town Senior High SchoolDenuMixedDay and Boarding
Tsiame Senior High SchoolTsiameMixedDay
Tsito Senior High Technical SchoolTsitoMixedDay and Boarding
Vakpo Senior High SchoolVakpoMixedDay and Boarding

Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.

Vakpo Senior High Technical SchoolVakpoMixedDay and Boarding
Ve Community Senior High SchoolVeMixedDay and Boarding
Volo Community Senior High SchoolVoloMixedDay and Boarding
Volta Senior High SchoolDzita-AgbledomiMixedDay and Boarding
Weta Senior High Technical SchoolWetaMixedDay and Boarding
Wovenu Senior High Technical School TadzewuMixedDay and Boarding
Zion CollegeAnlogaMixedDay and Boarding
Ziope Senior High School ZiopeMixedDay and Boarding

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Category C Schools In The Volta Region In 2022.
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