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Various questions are thrownatschool authorities and student leaders on the rampant rise in cultural impunity among final year students. These questions from the general  has pushed me Issah Caleb Isaiah to share my thoughts on the matter.           

   Cultural impunity refers to the exemption or freedom of an individual from the injurious consequences from his or her actions.Human as we are, we are likely to commit wrongs or hurt others but the situation whereby this goes on for a very longtime and we are just left to go scot free makes matters a bit disadvantageous. Within every school, final year students are making their presence felt with their undeniably wrong actions. However, student leaders and others who hold power and authority have refused to play their roles. 

   One major cause of cultural impunity is the failure on the part of leaders and authorities to meet obligations to investigate into unacceptable acts of students. This goes a long way to make wrongdoers feel they are right and as such, feel immune to correction. Failure on the part of leaders to investigate wrongs done by others goes all long way to liberate these wrongdoers and they tend to continue doing their wrong acts as they are fully aware their actions will go unpunished.

  Another undoubting cause is the fact that most students are given special treatment by school leaders and authorities. The special treatment or favors that most students have from leaders and authorities makes them fully aware that their unacceptable actions will go unpunished and as such, they do what they do best, that is to misbehave and  hurt other students.

   One noticeable effect of this is that it creates negative personality for individuals. One who misbehaves or violates school rules  and goesunpunished, feels that there was nothing wrong with what he or she did and as such, sees no fault or mistake in repeating it. We as student leaders seek to train students to be the best version of themselves, so it doesn’t make sense to let wrongdoers go scot free.

   As strange as this may sound, cultural impunity among final year students actually tarnishes the name and image of their various schools. Whenever word gets out that wrongdoers are left to go scot free, people who have interest and respect for various schools tend to loose their respect and interest for the school. This is because they tend to feel that there is no need in admiring a school that does not actually know how to discipline its students. 

Furthermore, a solution to this problem is to adapttreating students equally. Authorities must make sure that in all things, students are equal and as such, have no superior rights than the other, except in situations or cases of leadership. Once students know their rights and level, they get to know how to act in front of bullies and also what to do whenever they are wrongfully offended by their peers.

   Lastly, authorities must make sure to always find root causes of wrong acts by students and also give out the appropriate punishment to all those that go as far as committing wrongs, either against peers or school rules. These punishments will go a long  way to deter  other students from repeating similar acts in the school.

   It is clear that, these causes lead to the above effects, but they can greatly be solved through the above solutions.  I hope we all can contribute in curbing the act of impunity in our various schools.

                                                                          Thank you.

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