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GES Gives Clarity on The Conduct of Exam in Basic Schools; Subjects to be Assessed


The management of Ghana Education Service has issued a directive on how end of term assessment should be conducted by basic schools.

This puts clarity on the issue of assessment and how it should be funded by the Districts.

All the various basic levels have received clarity on which areas to focus on.

Kindergarten and Lower Primary have been directed to focus in Numbering and Literacy.

Upper Primary are to concentrate on English and Mathematics.

Junior High school have been directed to focus on the Core subjects.

Meanwhile teachers are directed to conduct Class Tests and Exercises in all the other Subjects to make up for the no end of term assessment in those areas.

Pursuant to this, District/Municipal/ Metro Directorates have been charged to Coordinate the conduct of this Exams and to monitor its success as well.

District Exams Committee have been charged to monitor and supervise the success of the Exams.  This puts clarity on the thorny issue of the conduct and funding of the exams at the. District level.

Heads of basic schools were at sea regarding how exams would be conducted for end of term assessment.










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