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GES Promotion Portal: Common Errors Made By Teachers in Filling Online Promotion 2024



The Ghana Education Service replaced Promotion Interviews with Aptitude Test in 2018 after careful consideration of all the options. The focus of the Aptitude Test dubbed GES Promotion Exam was to ensure fair assessment of personnel of the service and eliminate biases. Since its inception, the Aptitude test has been largely successful with many people commending the GES for this wonderful initiative. However, some teachers on yearly basis complain about this system due to their own making. Our checks indicate that Teachers are unable to correctly follow the recommended process in the filling of the online forms and upload of the required documents as expected which eventually affects them.

The first batch of promotion exam was administered in 2018 successfully. Promotion from Senior Superintendent I to Principal Superintendent through to Deputy Director all took part in the maiden promotion exam.

The two to three hour paper tests the knowledge of personnel in theory and practice relating to the teaching profession.


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Personnel who are due for promotion will have to apply online through the portal www.gespromotions.gov.gh to fill in or input their personal details on the portal and to upload soft copies of relevant documents. Many personnel over the years are taken out or not shortlisted for the promotions because of the basic mistakes they commit in the filling of the documents.

Below are some of the mistakes committed by personnel when filling the online portal which eventually affect them. The effect may be that personnel may not be shortlisted due to the blunders they commit in the filling of the forms. The errors committed may also reflect on the promotion letter when the personnel eventually pass the exam.


Some of the basic reported errors which over the years which may eventually affect applicants are indicated below.

    1. Wrong Date of Birth: Applicants are may wrongly input their date of birth on the portal which may not be consistent with the date on their documents attached to their application.
    2. Wrong Attachments : Applicants could attach wrong documents to their application. Applicants must ensure that each document required should be thoroughly checked after scanning to ensure that wrong documents are not uploaded

3.  Wrong Staff ID/Incorrect Staff ID

Applicants should be careful the input or typing of their Staff IDs as any error       committed could affect them.

4. Selection of Wrong/Incorrect Rank or Grade one is applying for


By selecting the Wrong Rank or Grade, applicants would be severely affected. Applicants therefore be careful in selecting their Rank on the drop down. If per any chance, the wrong Rank is selected, it may affects the applicants.


5. Wrong Spelling of Name: Applicants must correctly spell their names because any errors committed could reflect on their Promotion Letters or may even lead to their exclusion due to wrong identity.

6. Wrong Address where communication should be channeled through

Many applicants provide Addresses which makes it difficult for Promotion Letters to be sent to them when they eventually pass. Applicants are expected to provide addresses of their Schools, Districts and Region for easy identification. Some applicants may provide Church or Private Addresses which makes their location almost impossible.


Unfortunately, many personnel contract Café Attendants to fill the portal for them. This most often have led to the aforementioned error which eventually affect applicants or personnel. There are purported instances where Documents uploaded to the portal for candidates or personnel had nothing to do with their promotions leading to them not being shortlisted. The Exams period has normally been conducted around January and February every year. The practice over the years since the inception of the exams has been that, successful candidates or personnel will be put on scale even before their letters get to them.

Hopefully, this short piece will equip prospective Promotion applicants to get it right this time.

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