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Ghana revenue authority careers

Ghana Revenue Authority Jobs in Ghana

The GRA has built a strong professional team over the years. The employees have the opportunity to work in the:

1. Operational Division made up of the  Domestic Tax Revenue Division and Customs Division or the

2. Support & Auxiliary Services made up of the Support Services Division and the Commissioner – General’s Secretariat.

With over 8,000 employees deployed across the country in various offices and departments, the Ghana revenue authority has created a favorable work environment with able mentors and the opportunity for growth and personal advancement.



The Ghana Revenue Authority in no way accepts inducement or payment in any form to any staff in consideration for job placement, lest it influences the process of recruitment. The act is punishable by law.

Any applicant who pays money to an official for the purpose of influencing the recruitment process does so at his/her own peril.


There are currently no job openings or vacancies available.

Need Help ?

Please feel free to contact Ghana Revenue Authority for your Customs classifications and validation on :

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