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Google Scholarships to the USA for International Students 2022

Do you desire the fully funded Google scholarship for international students in the US 2022 opportunity?

We are glad to let you know that the Google scholarship is ongoing for the year 2022. Google Scholarship is a part of Google’s philanthropic acts.

These acts started in 2005 when Google established google.org for a charitable purpose and made the commitment to invest $100 million annually, on its journey google tackled many important issues that need to be addressed such as climate change and renewable energy.

Google.org has created many projects to make social impacts.

In the education sector through a $1 billion commitment, Google has a mission to close the world’s education gap.

Many students who especially from Africa or developing countries have disadvantages from other students who provided or have better resources for their education.

The progress already showed by supporting nonprofits to build a learning platform, developing apps for self-learning, and creating an online lesson plan for teachers that can be accessed by anyone and anywhere.

Google Scholarships
Google scholarship each year is offered through partnerships and sponsorship with many Institutions and organizations to help the young students in the US, Africa, and also students from around the world.

For the previous period, Google have provided a scholarship that on average $10.000 worth of support

such as;

Google Europe Student with Disabilities Scholarship,
Woman Techmaker Scholarship
Google Lime Scholarship
Generation Google Scholarship
Google Student Veteran of America Scholarship
Google for Doodle and
Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship.
Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is a scholarship program by Google

Where the participants will begin the program with three weeks introduction to computer science for high school senior students who are passionate about technology.

The students will receive intensive, interactive, and fun that will inspire them to become future tech leaders and innovators.

CSSI participants will have the first-hand experience to learn from Google engineers,

And also to take a look at google most exciting technologies, and even develop your own apps that you will showcase at google local offices.

As part of the program, Google also awarded selected students to receive a one-time $10,000 academic scholarship for those who study in the US or 5,000 CAD for those who are studying in Canada.

CSSI Google Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements
The candidates must be

a senior high school student at the time of application,
have the intention to be enrolled in a full-time bachelor program at the US or Canada University,
have the intention to be enrolled in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, or related area of the department,
demonstrate high motivation and be passionate in studying computer science, and able to attend everyday CSSI program.
The application must be submitted online, which include:

Updated resume in pdf form
A high school transcript records
SAT or ACT scores (if applicable)
Response to multiple short answer question, which each response should no more than 200 words.
The CSSI scholarship also eligible to the international and African students
as long as they have the intention to study in the US or Canada, there is no age restriction limit nor any prior experience with computer science required.

Also as long as the candidate demonstrate high interest and enthusiasm they are welcome to apply, and especially the students who are underrepresented in technology are encouraged to apply.

Women Techmakers Google Scholarship Program
Women Techmakers Google Scholarship program previously known as the Google Anita Borg Memorial scholarship program
is a scholarship program to honor Dr. Anita Borg’s legacy in her efforts to empower more women to take part in computing and technology and promote gender equality in

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