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How To Avoid the E-Levy Charges In Ghana 2022

Not long ago, the Parliament of Ghana approved the E-Levy in the country, and this became a controversial — having many discussions across the country.

Many people with the fear and panic to loose money, are finding the various ways to avoid the Electronic Levy charges incurred on many electronic transactions in Ghana.

This has led Raph Sark web to find the simple but useful ways you could follow on How To Avoid the E Levy Charges in Ghana for 2022.

About E-Levy In Ghana

Electronic Transaction Levy is a tax applied on transactions made on electronic or digital platforms.

The E-levy charges in Ghana has been one of the headaches for numerous Ghanaians, since Mobile Mobile is the main source many people have been using to make payments and that is the first to charge under the policy of the E-Levy by the Parliament of Ghana.

E-levy has been passed by parliament and will take effect from 1st May, 2022. Despite the passage of e-levy, the minority in Ghana’s parliament are set to challenge it, at the supreme court. According to them the passage of e-levy is illegal because parliament lacked the required numbers to do so.

How Much Is The E-levy In Ghana?

1.75% is the rate of the E-levy which the Government decided to apply on all transactions.

How To Avoid the E-Levy Charges In Ghana 2022

Here are a few tips or options on how to Avoid Having to Pay or avoid paying the E Levy charges or tax;

Send a maximum of GHC 100 daily

Send GHC 100 to your receiver every day until the entire amount you intend to send is depleted. Example, if you wish to pay GHS 300 to your Son every month, start by sending GHS 100 every day until he receives the GHC 300 in full.

Use Cash Transactions

The mobile money was one of the easiest ways to make payment in Ghana, until the e-levy was approved by the Parliament of Ghana, and instead of using Mobile Money Transfers, use cash transactions more often.

Cheque Payments

Since the e-levy charges will be incurred on electronic transactions, you can make payments for goods and services by Cheque as well, anytime you are to pay for something.

Will E-levy affect ATM withdrawal?

Make ATM transactions only on your bank machines. Since the E-levy will lead to charges if you use the ATM of other banks. Identify the nearest ATM locations of your bank and use them for your withdrawals and related services.

Thanks for reading our today’s article guide on the topic How To Avoid the E-Levy Charges In Ghana for 2022 at ease.

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