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Reopening Of Schools And Matters Arising

Nana Aboagye Samuel writes …

We have come to a point where as a nation, we have to be positive in our thinking and deliberate in our actions. Time is money is not just a cliche but a strong statement of fact that should be the belt of our minds. Several months ago, the academic calendar was released giving all stakeholders an idea of when first year SHS students will report to school. This was published months before their BECE results were even released. The process has always been like any other year; release of the results, Placement into their respective schools, completion of admission (registration), and then reporting to school.

The scheduled date for the reopening of schools seem to generate a bit of controversies. A lot of people have raised genuine concerns relating to the reopening date for first year SHS students. Some have argued from the point of not completing their registration (admission) process whereas some look at it from the point of buying the required stuffs for their wards.

Enrollment into various second cycle institutions are done every year. It is also meant for students who have completed Junior High School. This presupposes that once a student writes the BECE, they become potential students to be enrolled. Thus, enrollment into the various Senior High Schools should not take parents by surprise but they should adjust themselves to the changing times and make advance preparations. Preparation in any field must be systematically planned, and strategically implemented.

Again, as we think about ourselves, we should also consider the greater good. The more days the first years spend at home, the more likely the academic calendar is affected. This certainly will not be in the interest of the students. Let’s all brace ourselves and play our respective roles for the good of our dear nation.

The nation has a vision to ensure that the financial barrier that has impeded so many from accessing secondary education becomes a thing of the past. However, we will always have a part to play as parents, guardians, or even as citizens. Education in Ghana has not reached the point where there are no challenges. That will be a lie and denial of facts and the reality. There are issues. There are challenges and admitting them forms the basic stages of trying to resolve them.

The government has taken a bold step with the implementation of the FSHS policy which will be another day’s discussion but with the challenges that have come with it, let us collectively deal with them. It is about our nation not our political party. When we continue to put the nation ahead of our personal interest, the next generation will be proud of us and the nation they are a part of.

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