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How To Be A Lawyer In Ghana

Find Out The Step By Step Guide On How To Be A Lawyer In Ghana

How To Be A Lawyer In Ghana

Becoming a lawyer is a journey that empowers individuals to make a profound impact. If your aspirations lead you to Ghana, a land of vibrant legal traditions, then prepare to embark on a journey full of knowledge, diligence and dedication. Discover the steps that will help you know how to be a lawyer in Ghana.

Becoming a lawyer in Ghana involves completing several educational and professional steps. Here’s a general overview of the process:

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How To Be A Lawyer In Ghana

  • Educational Requirements: You need to have at least six credits (A1-C6) in English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and two major electives in your WASSCE or its equivalent. You then go ahead to complete a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from an accredited institution. This takes four years of study.

  • Professional Law Course: After obtaining an LLB degree, you need to complete the professional law course at the Ghana School of Law. This programme is a requirement for admission to the Ghana Bar. The professional law course usually takes two years to complete and includes coursework, practical training, and examinations.

  • Internship: Following the successful completion of the professional law course, you’ll be required to undergo a period of pupillage, which is an internship at a recognized law firm or the Attorney General’s Department. The pupillage period often lasts for six months, during which you will work under the supervision of an experienced lawyer.

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  • Ghana School of Law Examinations: After completing the pupillage, you must pass the final examinations administered by the Ghana School of Law. These exams assess your knowledge of legal principles, procedures, and ethics.

  • Call to the Bar: Upon passing the Ghana School of Law examinations, you’ll be called to the Bar by the General Legal Council. This step officially qualifies you as a lawyer in Ghana, and you can use the title “Barrister-at-Law.”

  • Enrollment: Once you are called to the Bar, you’ll need to enrol with the Ghana Bar Association. Membership with the bar association is mandatory for practising law in Ghana.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): As a lawyer, you’ll be required to engage in ongoing professional development activities to maintain and update your legal knowledge and skills. The General Legal Council mandates that lawyers participate in CPD programs and obtain a specific number of CPD points each year.



What Courses Must Lawyers Pass To Qualify For Ghana School Of Law?


  • Criminal Law


  • Company Law


  • Commercial Law


  • Ghana Constitutional Law


  • Ghana Legal System and Methods


  • Law of Contract


  • Law of Immovable Property


  • Law of Equity and Succession


  • Law of Torts


You must have passed one of these course:


  • Law of Natural Resources


  • Law of Taxation


  • Environmental Law


  • Intellectual Property Law


In conclusion, the process of becoming a lawyer in Ghana requires commitment, perseverance, and a genuine passion for the legal profession. As you navigate this journey, remember that being a lawyer in Ghana comes with responsibilities, including ongoing professional development and adherence to ethical standards. Embrace the opportunity to engage with Ghana’s legal system, contribute to the rule of law, and champion the rights of individuals and communities.


So, if your heart beats with a desire to pursue justice and defend the rights of others, let your dreams take flight and explore the rewarding path of becoming a lawyer in Ghana. The legal landscape awaits your presence and the positive impact you can make as a member of the legal profession.


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