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Knust college of agricult courses and departments

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is an amalgamation of three Faculties and twelve Departments.

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources

Research Centres

The Faculties, through their departments, run the following undergraduate programs:

Faculty of Agriculture

  • BSc Agriculture with Options in:

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology

Agricultural Mechanisation and Animal Science

Crop and Soil Sciences and  Horticulture

  • BSc Agribusiness Management
  • BSc in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • BSc Landscape Design and Management
  • BSc Post Harvest Technology

Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources

  • BSc. Natural Resources Management
  • BSc. Aquaculture & Water Resources
  • BSc. Packaging Technology
  • BSc Forest Resources Technology with Options in:

Eco-Tourism & Forest Recreation
Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation
Wood Processing and Marketing
Social Forestry


The Faculty, through its departments, run the following Graduate degree programs:


Department of Animal Science

  • MSc/MPhil Programmes: Animal Breeding and Genetics; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Nutrition and Meat Science.
  • PhD Programmes: Animal Nutrition; Reproductive Physiology; Meat Science; Animal Breeding and Genetics

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

  • MPhil Programmes: Agronomy; Agronomy (Plant Breeding); Agronomy (Crop Physiology);  Agronomy (Forage Production Management); Agronomy (Weed Science)
  • MPhil Programmes: Crop Protection (Entomology); Crop Protection (Plant Pathology) Crop Protection (Nematology); Crop Protection (Plant Virology); Soil Science.
  • PhD Programmes: Agronomy: Plant Breeding; Nematology; Plant Entomology; Plant; Plant Pathology; Crop Physiology; Soil Science; Forage Production Management

Department of Horticulture

  • The Department offers M.Phil, program in the following fields: Postharvest Physiology; Floriculture; Fruit Crop Production; Postharvest Technology; Seed Science and Technology; Vegetable Crops Production, and  Landscape Studies
  • PhD Programmes: Postharvest Technology; Vegetable Crops Production; Seed Science and Technology and Landscape Studies

Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, and Extension

  • MSc Agribusiness Management
  • MSc Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MPhil Agribusiness Management
  • MPhil Agricultural Extension and Development Communication
  • MPhil Agricultural Economics
  • MPhil in Sustainable and Integrated Rural Development
  • Ph.D. – Agribusiness Management
  • Ph.D.  Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Extension and Development Communication



Department of Wildlife and Range Management

  • M.Phil/Ph.D – Wildlife and Range Management
  • M.Sc – GISNATUREM (Natural Resources Management)

Department of Silviculture and Forest Management

  • M.Phil – Silviculture and Forest Management.
  • M.Phil – Natural Resource & Environmental Governance
  • Ph.D – Silviculture and Forest Management.
  • M.Phil – Natural Resource & Environmental Governance

Department of Agroforestry

  • M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D – Agroforestry

Department of Wood Science and Technology Management

  • M.Sc – Wood Technology and Management
  • M.Phil – Wood Science, or Wood Technology
  • Ph.D. – Wood Technology, Timber Engineering, or Furniture Design

Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management

  • M.Phil/Ph.D. – Aquaculture
  • M.Phil/Ph.D. – Watershed and Fisheries Management
  • M.Phil/Ph.D. – Aquatic Resources Management
  • Ph.D. – Fisheries Management
  • Ph.D. – Aquaculture Management
  • Ph.D. – Aquaculture & Environment
  • In addition, the Faculty runs a separate postgraduate program, GIS (Naturism), under the auspices of ITC Netherlands.


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