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Knust College of Agriculture

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has three Academic Faculties and four Research centers.  Faculty of Agriculture, Renewable Natural Resources (FRNR), and Faculty of Forest Resources Technology (FFRT). The research centers are: the Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD), KNUST Dairy/Beef Cattle Research Station, and Agricultural Research Station located at Anwomaso, and also the Centre for Biodiversity Utilization and Development (CBUD), which has over the years remained practically dormant in its activities due to funding constraints.

The creation of CBUD as a Centre was fortuitous and the present constraints were predictable. However, there are ongoing discussions at the College level to rebrand the CBUD for more effective research. The relocation of FFRT from its original confines in Sunyani has recently necessitated some rebranding efforts, without compromising its integrity and contribution to teaching, research, and extension.


Academic programs

The College offers 9 BSc programs: BSc Agriculture, BSc Natural Resources Management, BSc Forest Resources Technology, BSc Post Harvest Technology, and BSc Agribusiness Management. Others are BSc in Dairy and Meat Science, Technology and Landscape Design and Management, Agricultural Biotechnology, and BSc in Aquaculture and Water Resources Management. The College also offers postgraduate programs at the MSc, MPhil, and Ph.D. levels.

The college has a student population of 3442 of which 244 are postgraduate students. There is 109 Academic staff in Senior Member positions and 194 in Senior and Junior staff positions. The programs have a feminine gender proportion of about 40% while efforts continue to be made to mainstream gender inclusivity in our developmental efforts.


Knust College of Agriculture Strategic Mandate, Vision, Mission & Core Values.


In line with the University’s strategic mandate, the College provides higher education, undertakes research, and disseminates knowledge and technology in sustainable agriculture, renewable natural resources management, and rural development.


The College seeks to promote agricultural production, rural development, and the sustainable management of renewable natural resources, through teaching, entrepreneurship training, research, and extension of knowledge, for sustainable development in Ghana, Africa, and other nations.


The College shall be a leading institution for the advancement of knowledge and technology in sustainable agriculture, renewable natural resources management, and rural development in Africa.


To achieve the College’s goals and ultimately KNUST’s vision, the College is committed to adhering to the following core values of the University:

  • Leadership in Innovation and Technology
  • Culture of Excellence
  • Diversity and Equal Opportunity for All
  • Integrity and Stewardship of Resources


The following links provide Academic Timetables for all College of Agriculture and Natural Resources students.

Click on the link to Check and download Academic Timetable

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