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Knust college of science Library

The College of Science Library originated from the amalgamation of seven (7) satellite libraries within the College. These comprised the libraries of the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical, and Applied Biology, Mathematics, Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Computer Science, and Optometry.


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The College of Science Library

The College of Science Library is an integral part of the University’s library system. It provides materials on science in both print and electronic format to the entire college to support teaching, learning, and research, by the College’s core mandate.

The library’s stock, therefore, includes core textbooks, journals, newspapers, and theses. The metadata of the library’s resources may be assessed online via http://libcat.knust.edu.gh.

College of Science Library
College of Science Library


The Library materials are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme:  Under this scheme, various subject fields within the sciences are classified as follows:

Q                        Science (General)

QA                     Mathematics

QB                     Astronomy

QC                     Physics

QD                     Chemistry

QE                      Geology

QH                      Natural History (General)

Biology (General)

QK                      Botany

QL                      Zoology

QM                     Human Anatomy

QP                      Physiology

QR                      Microbiology

And many others.

Online Databases

Subscriptions to the following online resources are also paid for, and can be accessed within the KNUST Network:

1. EBSCO Host Publications – http://search.epnet.com

    Subject: -all subjects-abstracts, full text, and reviews.

 2. Emerald – www.emeraldinsight.com

Subject: -Management, Library and information management, engineering, computer science-full text, and abstracts

 3. Mary Ann Liebert – www.liebertonline.com 

    Subject- Biomedical research, clinical medicine, surgery, law, and science

4. Multilingual Matters – www.multilingual.matters.com

      Subject: – language journals

5. National Academic Press – www.nap.edu

6. Beech Tree Publications – https://www.ingentaconnect.com

Subject: -Public policy for science and technology Research Environmental, social, health, and other impacts. Three international, peer-reviewed academic journals                                 

7. Gale Thompson Learning  

    a) Expanded Academic ASAP: – http://www.gale.com/tlist/sb5019.xls

Subjects: -economics, topics in business and finance, anthropology, archaeology, computing and computers, education art, literature, music, history international relations, law sociology, philosophy, religion

b) Health and Wellness Resource Center- http://www.gale.com/tlist/sb5117.xls

       Subjects:-various topics in medicine and health STDs and AIDS  psychology and mental   health nursing including the BMJ and JAMA

8. Blackwell Publishing –  www.blackwell-synergy.com

      Over 800 peer-reviewed journals in a wide range of academic disciplines

9. American Physical Society – http://publish.aps.org 
Access to the Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA) and ten journals produced by the American Physical Society. Subjects: – Physics, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, condensed matter and materials physics, Nuclear physics particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, Statistical, non-linear, and soft matter physics, accelerators and beams, physics education research

10. Annual Reviews – http://arjournals.annualreviews.org

Subjects: – Biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences

11. Oxford University Press – www.oup.co.uk

Subject: All subjects

12. Cochrane Library (John Wiley and Sons) http://www3.interscience.wiley.com

Subject: – All branches of medicine and healthcare, especially evidence-based medicine clinical trials 

13. Royal Society for Chemistry – http://www.rsc.org

       RSC Journals Archive

14. AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture)-www.aginternetwork.org

     Subject: – Agriculture and related fields-full text and abstracts

15. HINARI (Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative)-www.healthinternetwork.net  

    Subject: – Medical, biomedical sciences, health, and related fields-full text and abstracts

 16. ELDIS (Electronic Development Information System) – www.eldis.org

17. INASP (Directory of Free and Open Access Online Resources) – www.inasp.info/peri/free

      Subject: – Multidisciplinary

 18. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – www.doaj.org

      Subject: Multidisciplinary

19. Scientific Electronic Online (SciLEO) – http://www.scielo.org

      SciELO is a collection of journals published within Latin America and Spain, available free online. There are 5 country collections and a Public Health Collection.

 21. TEEAL – www.teeal.org  

      The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library is a comprehensive full-text collection of core journals in the field of over 140 agricultural and related sciences. It is CD-based. Full text available at INSTI-CSIR,  Accra.

 22. Science and Technology Information System (SIST)-

      Central SIST – sist-prototype.sist-sciencesdev.net

      Ghana SIST – www.sist-sciencesghana.org.gh 

      Subject: Multidisciplinary

24. World Bank Publications – www.worldbank.org  

25. Beech Tree Publishing – http://www.ingentaconnect.com

      Public policy for science and technology Research Environmental, social, health, and other impact

26. JSTOR – www.jstor.org

27. Institute of Physics (IOP) – http://journals.iop.org.

28. British Medical Central – http://www.biomedcentral.com/developingcountries

29.OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) – www.oaresciences.org 


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