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Knust msc accounting and finance

Department boasts of excellence in research and teaching in Accounting, Banking, and Finance related disciplines. It is part of our core mandate to disseminate world-class knowledge in the above disciplines at levels that are unmatched in Ghana and the sub-region at large.
A degree in Accounting, Banking, and Finance opens a world of limitless opportunities to our graduates who are making a great impact across the private sector, the financial services industry, NGOs, and government organizations. Since the establishment of the school, Accounting has been our flagship program at the Undergraduate Level. The department has produced some of the best accounting graduates in the country as evidenced by amongst other things, the consistently excellent performance they display on professional accounting programs such as the ICA program.
For instance, the department produced the overall best student at Level 3 of the ICA program in 2011, the overall best student at Level 3 in 2012; the Outstanding Female Award in 2013, and the Overall Best Student at Part Four in 2013 amongst others. Accounting is the development and communication of financial and operational information necessary for management decisions in both the private and public sectors.
The field includes such distinct areas as auditing, management accounting, financial accounting, international accounting, tax accounting, and public-sector accounting.

The Accounting and Finance Department is one of four departments at the KNUST School of Business (KSB). The department is responsible for these areas as well as the finance area. In addition to the specialization courses, this department also offers general accounting courses to students in the whole faculty.


Undergraduate Programmes

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree has the following specializations;

MBA & EMBA Programmes

The Department offers the following postgraduate programs;

Master of Science Programmes

MPhil Programmes

Ph.D. Program

  1. The department currently runs a Ph.D. program with two tracks in Accounting and Finance, however, application to this program is by invitation only. This program will be available to a wider group of qualified applicants soon. Please check back for further information.

Professional Programmes

Available soon

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