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Ras Nene

Dr. Likee

Dr. Likee a.k.a. Ras Nene

Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi  a.k.a Ras Nene is a popular Ghanaian actor and comedian who is resident in Kumasi. The much talked about Comedian and Actor has warmed himself in the hearts of many Ghanaians after transforming from his earlier roles as a bodyguard in local Ghanaian movies to a Comedian.

Dr Likee was born Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi in Tafo a suburb of Kumasi in the Greater Ashanti Region. He grew up in Tafo where he had his basic education but could not continue.


How He Got His Name Ras Nene

He explained that, he adopted the name from the infamous Nigerian thug, Lawrence Anini, who was greatly revered for his notorious roles. Due to the fact that some people could not pronounce the name Anini properly, they ended up mispronouncing it as Nene. During that period, the Actor cum Comedian had a rasta hair style culminating in his name Ras Nene which he has since used.

 Relationship With Brother Sammy

One is a popular actor and comedian Ras Nene, born Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi who granted an interview to The Delay Show.

Ras, also known as Dr Likee, was flung into the limelight for his hilarious skits on YouTube after a struggling acting career.

Among the many revelations during the interview was an assertion that gospel musician, Brother Sammy is his sibling.


Youthful Days

Ras Nene mentioned that in his youthful days, he was notorious and involved in activities like smuggling and racketeering. The comedian said he turned a new leaf when he grew older and wiser.

He stated on Delay Show “I used to control the street. I had big men who covered me so I was making a lot more money. I had weapons to scare away customers who had ulterior motives. My boss at that time named me after a notorious criminal in Lagos called Anini.

“So, people could not pronounce it properly and that’s how it became ‘Ras Nene. In my mid-20s, I crossed the Libya desert several times with drugs. I was doing drugs until my early 30s and I became a Yaro. I had boys who worked for me and I only come for my settlements,” Ras Nene established.



Dr. Likee Wife

Dr.  Likee is not officially married but has one kid. He confirmed that he was still searching and was yet to find anyone suitable as a partner.  Rumours had it that Dr. Likee was dating a very beautiful girl named AJ Pretty because they were seen together most often but its not confirmed.


Net Worth of Dr. Likee

The net worth of Ras Nene aka Dr. Likee is estimated at $250,000. He basically makes his income from his acting and youtube activities and have also started investing in other assets. He also serve as brand ambassador for some products on the market. Dr Likee has featured in many local movies. However, he has many comedy kits which have set the trend for him and currently a hot comedian in Ghana.



The actor cum comedian is an inspiration to many people in Ghana after his failed education, early struggles and still managing to get to the top of his career.



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