The 21 Mandatory CPD Courses for all In-Service Teachers in GES


The National Teaching Council has outlined a total of twenty-one (21) Mandatory CPD Courses for all In-Service Teachers in the Ghana Education Service (GES).

According to NTC, each course carries five (5) CPD points. Every teacher is expected to select and attend training on three of the under-listed courses within the three years CPD cycle.

The expected mode of training include: PLC (CBI or SBI) and CoP (DBI or Duty Based Training) or Demand driven training.

How to register for National Teaching Council (NTC) License

Below are the twenty-one (21) Mandatory CPD Courses.

1. National Policy on Education

2. History of Education in Ghana

3. Teacher Education in Ghana, Past, Present and Future

4. Sociology of Education

5. Professionalization of Teaching in Ghana

GES outlines five top rules for teachers against child labour in schools

6. Citizenship Education

7. Education Law (Act)

8. Educational Psychology

9. Guidance and Counselling

10. Curriculum Development

11. Instructional Methods

12. Information and Communication Technology

13. Instructional Communication, Language and Communication Skills

14. Classroom Based Assessment

15. Action Research and Reflective Practice.

Categories of Teachers to be Licensed by National Teaching Council

16. Educational Leadership and Management

17. Professional Ethics

18. Education of Persons with Special Needs/Inclusive Education

19. Subject Content and Methodology (e.g. challenging topics)

20. Micro Teaching/Teaching Practicum/mentoring practices

21. Social Dialogue.


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