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When Will The BECE And SHS School Placement Be Released In Ghana?

The Ministry Of Education Ghana has released the results for the 2021 JHS candidates who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). After the release of the results by the Ministry Of Education, allowing candidates to be able to check for their 2021 BECE School Placement status in Ghana at ease. The 2021 BECE Candidates are eligible to check and print their CSSPS placement forms to get into Senior High School (SHS) and make a choice for your course to study.

Is The 2021 SHS Placement Checker For BECE Candidates Out?

Many candidates are asking if the 2021 SHS Placement Checker for the BECE Candidates are out. The 2021 Placement checker is not out yet, and the placement checkers to view schools for 2021 BECE will be out after the release of 2021 BECE Results.

When Was The 2021 BECE Results Release?

According to many reports, the 2021 BECE results were released on 28th February, 2022.

With this, the school placements are estimated to be released on the 21st of March 2022 — before candidates will be able to check for their school placements.

How To Buy Your SHS/CSSPS Placement With Mobile Money

With the digitalization on part of Ghana, it is now easier for people to buy Placement Checker PIN using any Mobile Money wallet and get the Placement Checker via your phone.

We have a complete guide on how to buy your SHS or CSSPS placement checker with your Mobile Money account and get this via your phone at SMS.

  1. Dial mobile money short code *170#
  2. Select Momo pay & pay bill
  3. Select Pay bill
  4. Select General payment
  5. Answer the prompts as indicated
  6. Payment Code: monicliq
  7. Enter amount. eg. GHS7
  8. Reference: SHS

Shortcode To Check Your BECE/SHS School Placement

Previously, you are allowed to use your mobile phone to check your SHS Placement using a shortcode. You would just need to send your index number to the shortcode 1060 — and check your Placement. Today, this has become an old-fashioned method that does not work anymore. Trying this will waste your airtime or credit.

How To Check Your 2021 SHS School Placement Online

As a BECE candidate, what you are always waiting for is your result. Thereafter, the next option is to check your SHS School Placement after your result is in. Following a complete steps will help you check and print your school results and SHS School Placement at ease.

  1. Visit the CSSPS SHS Placement Checker Portal: https://cssps.gov.gh/placement.html
  2. Enter your 10-digits BECE index number followed by year of completion. Eg. 050115285021
  3. Enter your eVoucher Code (12-digits voucher no.)
  4. Check and confirm your details entered
  5. Click on the Proceed button
  6. Wait for the new window to pop up with your SHS Placement
  7. Now, print your School Placement or Save in a PDF format

After checking and printing your BECE School Placement for Senior High School (SHS), you should now present it to your given Senior High School being placed.

It is always recommended that you use Google Chrome as a web browser to check your SHS School Placemnt. Many people are found of using Opera Mini browser for checking and complaining of their results not showing up.

What To Do When You See Error 502 Bad Gateway On The CSSPS Website

Most times, we can see error 502 bad gateway on the CSSPS website when checking for SHS Placement. That is not a result caused by the eVoucher and you should not worry to continue checking with the PIN.

When it happens to show Error 502, you should wait for a while and try checking it again with the eVoucher.

Despite the Error 502 Bad Gateway, there can be times you will see “System Under Maintenance” messages displayed on the portal. When this happens, it means the Placement portal has been closed to load the information of all the students safely.

How Many Times Can I Check My SHS Placement With The Checker?

I have answered several questions on the number of times a student would be able to use the Placement checker to check for SHS Placement.

You are allowed to check for your placement with the checker for unlimited number of times, provided you check with the details for same student. This article has been prepared with source from Latest Ghana, with all rights reserved.

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