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Ghana Institute of Journalism

All You Need To Know About GIJ

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Popularly known as GIJ, The Ghana Institute of Journalism was initially called The Ghana School of Journalism.

GlJ is the premier tertiary institution for media and communication training in Ghana and in the sub-Saharan African Region.

Ghana Institute of Journalism
Ghana Institute of Journalism Logo


It was inaugurated on Monday, 16th October, 1959 to provide training in journalism toward the development of a patriotic group of journalists to play an active role in the liberation of the African continent.

Where Is Ghana Institute of Journalism Located?

GIJ is currently situated at Ringway, Osu, close to the centre of major businesses and Ministries of Government in Accra.

It is a few minutes from the Parliament House, Accra Conference Centre, National Theatre, and main sports stadium, making it easy for students to cover a wide range of events.

Ghana Institute of Journalism

Ghana Institute of Journalism Vision

GIJ aim at being the preferred communications training institute in Africa, upholding high academic standards and producing world-class professionals for the transformation of society.

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How Many Faculties Does the Ghana Institute of Journalism Have?

Ghana Institute of Journalism has five major faculties and schools. They are:

  • Faculty of Public Relations, Advertising & Integrated Marketing.
  • Faculty of Joumalism & Media Studies.
  • Faculty of Integrated Communication Sciences.
  • School of Alternative Learning (SAL).
  • School of Graduate Studies and Research (SoGSaR).
Ghana Institute of Journalism
Students of Ghana Institute of Journalism


What grades are needed for GIJ?

GIJ Diploma holders with a minimum Final Grade Point Average of 2.50 or Grade B or an equivalent Diploma from an Accredited Communication Training Institution with an average of Grade B are eligible to apply.

Is GIJ forms still available 2022?

The Management of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GlJ) has officially released the GIJ Admission Forms for prospective students to apply to various programmes for the next academic year.

Is D7 accepted in journalism?

Applicants must possess six (6) passes (A1-D7) in all subjects, including English and Mathematics and must possess a minimum of C6 in any three (3) of the passes relevant to the area of specialisation.

What is the best journalism school in Ghana?

GlJ is the first school of journalism in Ghana and became a pioneer in the sub-Saharan African Region.

What courses does Ghana Institute of Journalism offer?

  • T.V. Journalism.
  • Writing Skills.
  • Photo-Journalism.
  • Contemporary English Language.
  • Events Management.
  • Customer Care.
  • Writing for Newspapers & Magazines
  • Effective Public Speaking, Speech Writing and Presentation.

How do I register for GIJ courses?

Log in as a student into the online portal (registration.gij.edu.gh) with your Username (BACSXXXX, DCSXXXXX, MAXXXXXXX) and your Password. On the Student Details page, click on the tab to display the course registration, retake, and requests tab page.

Is journalism a tough job?

Becoming a journalist is not one of the easy careers. Rather it is a demanding field that requires effort and tough working hours. Despite that, it is a highly prestigious and rewarding career.

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