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SHS Placement – Unique Code Boldly Printed On Candidates Placement Form; GES Prompts SHS Heads

SHS Enrollment 22 – Unique Code Boldly Printed On Candidates Placement Form GES Prompt SHS Heads

The Ministry of Education has laid down stringent measures to avoid challenges in candidates enrollment into the Senior High Schools, enrollment of students into the various Senior High Schools and the Technical and Vocational education will be released on sunday 27th March, 2022.

Students will be required to print out their school placement slip and present it to the school for admission and prospectus, academic activities will begin on 4th April, 2022. The new entrants will get their maximum contact hours in school, the placement has been released on time to enable parents prepare adequately for smooth transition.

Some students will be automatically placed in one of their five selected schools, students with automatic placement are students whose raw scores matched with one of the schools selected based on the available vacancies in program of choice and residential status. The placement of students into the second cycle schools highly competitive, candidates compete for the declared vacancies by the school based on program and residential status.

Students automatically placed in a school cannot change the school with the self placement option on the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), the self placement portal can be accessed by students who were not placed in any of the five schools selected. The list of schools in the self placement portal will be displayed to the candidates based on their raw scores, program and residential status.

Ministry of Education, Free Senior High School Secretariat and the Ghana Education Service have trained the heads of the second cycle schools and their Information Technology (I.T) staff on how to use the SHS heads portal on the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to capture candidates data for enrollment. Technical support team have been trained to assist candidates.

Parents and students have been caution not to submit their placement form to a school where they have no interest in, once the school enrolled the student, the student cannot change the school, their records will be captured on the school database.

The heads of the Senior High Schools and Technical and Vocational Institutes have been caution by the Ministry of Education not to enroll students who have not reported to their schools for placement, there have been a case whereby students have been enrolled in a school, these students claimed they don’t even know the location of the school and they have never submitted any document to the school for admission. Some heads of Schools in their quest to get more students in their schools ended up enrolling students who have been placed in their schools.

A unique code has been generated for candidates which will be required for admission, this unique code can be found on the placement form, without the unique code candidates cannot be enrolled.

Source: gh.opera.news

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