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university of melbourne phd entry requirements

A Ph. D., or Doctor of Philosophy, is a high-level degree earned after a period of three or more years of graduate-level study, culminating in the creation, submission, presentation, and defense of a research dissertation. 

The University of Melbourne helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful, and skilled professionals – making a positive impact across the globe.

Meeting the University of Melbourne’s minimum entry requirements means you’re eligible to apply for our courses. But It doesn’t necessarily guarantee selection or you gaining admission. You need to apply for courses with Melbourne before you can be assessed for admission.

Not all qualifications have been assessed for equivalency with the VCE. If you have completed a secondary school qualification that is not listed on our website, your eligibility for entry to an undergraduate course will be assessed on a case-by-case basis during the application process.

To apply for a Melbourne Ph.D., you’ll need to meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

Entry requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

To be considered for entry, you must have completed:

  • 4-year undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, including a substantial research component (equivalent to at least 25 percent of 1 year of full-time study), with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 75 per cent in your final year subjects or equivalent, or
  • masters degree in a relevant discipline, including a substantial research component (equivalent to at least 25 per cent of 1 year of full-time study), with a WAM of at least 75 per cent or equivalent, or
  • qualification and professional experience considered to be equivalent.

Additionally, you must have:

  • Referee reports (not needed if you have graduated from the University of Melbourne within the last 5 years), and
  • Endorsementfrom a prospective supervisor.

About selection

  • Meeting these requirements does not guarantee selection.
  • Where our entry requirements mention a minimum WAM and subject-specific requirements, please note that these refer to University of Melbourne grades and subjects. If your previous qualifications are not from the University of Melbourne, we will assess the results of subjects that are most relevant to the course you are applying for. We may make adjustments to your final WAM depending on the accreditation of your university/institution, subject grading/scales and pass marks.
  • In selecting applicants, the Selection Committee will consider:
    • prior academic performance and, if relevant, professional qualifications
    • understanding of the research question to be explored
    • motivation and capacity to complete the course in a timely manner
    • relevant prior research and/or professional experience, and
    • referee reports.
  • The Selection Committee may seek further information to clarify any aspect of an application in accordance with the Academic Board rules on the use of selection instruments.

English Language Criteria

Also, for an applicant to be admitted into university of melbourne to offer his phd in a course, he or she must me fluent in the English Language. You must meet the University’s English language requirements for graduate courses. If you plan to take one of the approved English language tests, check the English language test scores required for the Faculty of Science’s courses.

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