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When Will Ghana Prison Service Call For Medical Screening?

When Will Ghana Prison Service Call For Medical Screening?

When Will Ghana Prison Service Call For Medical Screening?

The Ghana Prisons Service is responsible for the safe custody of prisoners in Ghana, as well as their welfare, reformation and rehabilitation. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior.

https://www.sterlingrisq.com defines a medical screening as a type of health screening used to evaluate and monitor potential health risks that might restrict candidates or employees in performing their work responsibilities. This process involves a general medical examination to assess a candidate’s current health.

The Ghana Prison Service  look out for the following during medical screening;

  • Checking your height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • A musculoskeletal assessment.
  • Blood pressure check / urinalysis.
  • Spirometry (Lung capacity test).
  • Hearing and eyesight checks.

Candidates who excelled in the aptitude test are supposed to advance to the next stage.

As part of the recruitment process of the Ghana Prison Service, the medical examination screening is the sixth stage.

The following are the stages in the recruitment process.

  1. Shortlisted applicants are notified through sms.
  1. Screening and Documentation.
  1. Body Screening Selection.
  1. Aptitude Test Screening.
  1. Outdoor Leaderless Test (OLT) Screening.
  1. Medical Examination Screening.
  1. Interview Screening.

The medical screening is not free but it’s affordable.

When Will Ghana Prison Service Call For Medical Screening?

The screening is often done in groups. When and where the medical screening will be taking place will be announced to the candidates via sms, email and on the Ghana Prison Service Portal.

The Ghana Prison Service medical screening is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 25th October to Wednesday, 30th November 2022 in Accra.

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