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UGRC Registration System Guide.

UGRC Registration System Guide.

UGRC Registration System Guide.

What Is The Meaning Of UGRC?

The UGRC means University of Ghana Registered Courses.

It was introduced into the academic schedule of the University of Ghana a few years back. The system was introduced to equip the students in the university with an all-around knowledge and skills that are related to daily life events.

UGRC Registration System Guide.
University Of Ghana.

The UGRC registration is mainly for level 100 and level 200 students. Both the 100 and 200 level students can use the UGRC registration system to register new units and also resit courses.

Any student at the University of Ghana pursuing any undergraduate course is supposed to take a total of six UGRC units. The UGRC registration for level 100 has a total of 4 units, while the UGRC registration level 200 has two units, summing up to a total of six units.

Who Must Take The UGRC Units?

The UGRC units must be taken by any student who wishes to graduate after completing their undergraduate studies at the University of Ghana. If a student misses taking even one of the UGRC units, he/she will be barred by the University of Ghana academic department from graduating till the uncompleted UGRC unit is completed and passed.

Students who fail the UGRC units can redo the units by registering on the UG resit registration portal. 

UGRC Course List.

Some of the courses that are in the UGRC course list include:

  • Academic Writing.
  • Critical Thinking and Practical Reasoning.
  • Earth Resources.
  • Numeracy Skills.
  • African Studies, etc.
  • UGRC course registration.

All the UGRC units in the University of Ghana are registered online. 

The University of Ghana UGRC registration is offered under the Department of Academic Affairs Directorate.

What Is Needed To Begin Registration Of The UGRC Units. 

Before you begin your registration of the UGRC units, you must log in to the students portal.

Every student will use their login details, you will be required to input your student ID and your PIN to access the portal. 

On the same page, you will find all the necessary information related to the UGRC registration for level 100 and the UGRC registration level 200. 

If you access the UGRC registration 2022, you will find links directing you to the UGRC courses timetable for both the level 100 students and the level 200 students.

The timetable links give the students the options of downloading the table. Apart from that, the UGRC online registration portal also has the updates related to new UGRC groups and the new units in the group. 

Once you are able to access your UGRC online registration students’ portal, you can go ahead and register your UGRC units. Once you are done registering and confirming the units, you can log out of your portal.

Online Course Registration.

The following steps are for online course registration:

  • Go to the university website and click on the MIS Web link to access the students log in portal. The link is under the thick blue banner at the top under the menu students.
  • Use your student ID and five(5) digit pin to log in.
  • On the left side of the screen, click on the student registration, which is under the Student iEnabler.
  • Click on the menu titled Submit Registration.
  • Under the Qualification Code click on the blue letters.
  • Then select Register for this Qualification.
  • Click on the menu icon Save and Continue. You will be shown all the units that you qualify for and are relevant to your level and course.
  • To select the courses, click on the small box that is next to the title of the course and the course code.
  • Then select Save and Continue to view the units you have selected. If you need to make some corrections, you can click the Restart Process icon.
  • If you have no corrections, then click on the Continue button and then you will be shown the total registration cost of the units.
  • Click on Accept Registration to complete the course registration process, then select the Printer Friendly Format, to print your proof of registration.

After that, you will be free to log out of your student portal.

Steps For Adding Courses.

The following steps are for adding courses;

  • After logging in the students’ portal, Click on the Registration menu, located under the Students iEnabler.
  • Then select the Add Subject to the Registration.
  • Click on the Qualification menu, to have a view of all the courses that you qualify for. Select the course you want to add by clicking on the small box next to the course code and course name.
  • Then Click on Save and Continue, if you have correctly selected the course(s). In case you want to make corrections then click on Restart Process.
  • When you are done, click on Continue, and then Accept Registration.
  • The last step is to click on Printer Friendly Format and then have a printout evidence of your registration process.
  • Exit and then log out of the portal.

Steps For Deleting A Registered Course.

The following steps are for deleting a registered course:

  • After logging in the students’ portal and clicking on the Registration icon, Click on the Subject Cancellation menu.
  • You will be shown all the courses you have registered for. To deregister a course, click on the small box next to the registered course and then provide a reason for the deleting the registered course.
  • Then click on the Save Subject Cancellation menu.
  • To view the updated proof of registration, click on the Student Inquiry menu.
  • Then click on the Printer Friendly Format and have your updated proof of registration printed.
  • Finally, click exit and log out.

NOTE: Once a course has been cancelled, it cannot be added into the portal again.

Steps To Resit A Failed Unit.

The following steps are for students who want to resit a failed unit;

  • First, you need to get an approval resit examination form and then submit it to your respective department. 
  • Then submit a copy of the approval forms to the Cash Office of the Registry so that you can be allowed to pay fees for the unit.
  • Then make the payment for all the courses you want to redo. Wait for 24 hours before you begin the course registration for your failed units.
  • All the students who have completed cannot use the online registration portal to register for a resit unit. They only need to make a physical submission of the approval forms to their receptive departments.
  • For the continuing students, access the online MIS web and click on the Re-sit Registration.
  • To add the course you want to resit, click on the + symbol.
  • Then click on Select Course on the registration page. Expand the course look up dialogue box and then on the search box, type the course code you wish to resit. Don’t leave any spaces when typing the code.
  • To select the course, tick the box next to the course. Then click on Select Below.
  • Pick the time you wish to sit for the resit examinations. There are two options: Inter-Semester Break Supplementary Examination and the End of Semester Examination.
  • Click on the Register button.

Do this for all the courses you wish to register for a resit examination.

NOTE: For the Distance Learning Students,

Their resit examination course registration is similar to those who have completed their studies. After getting their approval forms and submitting them to the various relevant Learning Centre offices and paying for the resit units, they are provided with the a provisional identification card one week prior to the exam. The cards are issued at the Academic Affairs Office or in their Learning Centers.

Additional points to note about UGRC course registration.

The University of Ghana Registered Courses has specific instructions, especially with regards to the UGRC courses that the students are expected to register. It is best for every student to consult their respective College Academic Offices to be given all the instructions with regard to the MIS web UGRC registration. 

The following general instructions are important for the UGRC course registration for all the level 100 and level 200 students.

  • Any level 200 students pursuing Political Science is barred from the University of Ghana academics from taking Africa in the Contemporary World (UGRC 222) which is one of the UGRC course available for the level 200 students. 
  • Students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art and taking level 200 Music, Drama and Dance, are not allowed to register for the following UGRC units:
  1. African Music UGRC 227.
  2. African Drama UGRC 226.
  3. African Dance UGRC 225.
  • All the students in level 200 and level 100 are prohibited from registering more than one unit under the UGRC African Studies. Students who register more than one unit in this category will have their examination papers canceled.
  • All the students in level 100 and 200 who decide to pursue courses in Language Proficiency are expected to register their units at the Institute of African Studies. The courses that are affected by this rule are:
  1. Dagbani UGRC 235
  2. Ewe UGRC 236
  3. Ga UGRC 237
  4. Twi UGRC 238
  • The Numeracy Skills UGRC unit (UGRC120) is for all the undergraduate students who are in the College of Humanities and are pursuing the following undergraduate degree courses in;
  1. Computer Science.
  2. Statistics.
  3. Administration.
  4. Mathematics.
  5. Economics. 

Students in this category are also expected to take the Introduction to Literature (UGRC160) course.

  • The students who are pursuing a degree in Economics without mathematics units are expected to take the General Mathematics (UGRC170) UGRC course. 
  • These students are also advised by the University of Ghana academics to undertake the Introduction to Literature (UGRC160) UGRC course.
  • It’s very crucial for all students to look at the mandatory UGRC courses that they are supposed to undertake depending on their undergraduate degrees and then look at the recommended UGRC units. 

NOTE: The mandatory course must be done if a student wants to graduate in their discipline of study. Any student, who has not registered their UGRC units on the UGRC course registration platform, will not be allowed to sit for the UGRC examinations even if they have attended the lessons for the particular UGRC unit.

  • All the students in the higher levels in the University of Ghana who are unable to access the online registration are required by the university to get in touch with their respective College Academic Offices and then submit their detailed academic reports for the previous years.
  • The University of Ghana, also advises students that sometimes the system may be slow due to a large number of students trying to access MIS web UGRC registration portal. If the problem persists, they can try and access the UGRC online registration platform some other time when the system is not crowded by users.
UGRC Registration System Guide.

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