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BA Course Combination In UG (City Campus).

BA Course Combination In UG (City Campus).

BA Course Combination In UG (City Campus).

The University of Ghana is one of Ghana’s leading Universities and it is located at Legon, a few kilometres away from the centre of Accra.

According to https://www.usnews.com, University of Ghana ranked 916th in Best Global Universities.

According to https://www.ug.edu.gh, The 2022 AD Scientific Index, which has more focus on the biophysical sciences, places the University of Ghana as first in Ghana, 15th out of the 2,049 universities in Africa, and at 1,704 out of 14,284 universities surveyed globally.

The University of Ghana is also known as the Most Beautiful University in Ghana.

Before choosing a course combination in the University of Ghana, you must have a zeal and yearning for that course.

You must also consider how marketable those programmes are.

Most universities allow direct applicants to choose two courses of their choice and out of that, you get to read the one that best fits your entry requirements.  

However, UG allows applicants the opportunity to choose up to four courses according to their preference. 

Subsequently, especially with the Art courses, you get to choose two, a major and a minor depending on what you want. 

For the Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme, applicants are required to select subjects from the list of bouquets provided.  Up to four (4) subject bouquets must be selected in order of preference.

All students entering the BA progamme must offer three (3) subjects at Level 100, two (2) subjects at Level 200 and Level 300 and either two (2) subjects or one (1) subject at Level 400.

Below are the Bachelor of Arts Course Combinations In The University Of Ghana(City Campus.)

BA Course Combination In UG (City Campus.)

  • Economics, Geography, French.
  • Economics, Geography, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Economics, Information Studies, Theatre Arts.
  • Economics, Study of Religions, Linguistics.
  • Geography, History, Archaeology.
  • Geography, History, Study of Religions.
  • Geography, Sociology, Linguistics.
  • History, French, Study of Religions.
  • Information Studies, History, Archaeology.
  • Information Studies, Study of Religions, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Political Science, Geography, French.
  • Political Science, Information Studies, Theatre Arts.
  • Political Science, Philosophy & Classics, Archaeology.
  • Political Science, Study of Religions, Adult Education.
  • Political Science, Study of Religions, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Political Science, Theatre Arts, English.
  • Psychology, Archaeology, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Psychology, English, Theatre Arts.
  • Psychology, French, Linguistics.
  • Psychology, Information Studies, Linguistics.
  • Psychology, Linguistics, Adult Education.
  • Sociology, French, Linguistics.

BA Course Combination In UG (City Campus).

  • Sociology, Geography, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Sociology, History, English.
  • Sociology, History, Linguistics.
  • Sociology, Social Work, French.
  • Sociology, Social Work, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Sociology, Study of Religions, Philosophy & Classics.
  • Study of Religions, Theatre Arts, Psychology.

For further information and clarification, you can check their official website at www.ug.edu.gh.

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